Saturday, March 15, 2008


I have seen a lot of Stanford basketball recently, more than I would care to watch or admit. Brook Lopez is completely dominant and is starting to take over the league. He is also really "out there" to be kind. His favorite musician is Michael Jackson and his brother likes Mariah Carey. Nothing like a little Thriller to get you pumped up for the big game.

His elbow throwing antics have been lower this year, but his cro-magnon grimace put his right at the top of the list of Money's most annoying players in College basketball. In fact, you could field a team from just this stanford team. Taj Finger should play with a pencil behind his ear. His jump shot looks like he is sitting on a toilet. But, they keep winning and I will pick them tonite.

NORTH CAROLINA -11 vs. Va Tech
UNC killed Va Tech without Lawson earlier. This is a home game for the Heels. Va Tech has not beaten anyone. UNC rolls

WISCONSIN -3 vs. Michigan state
I don't trust MSU. Wisconsin will win this game ugly.

ARKANSAS +6 vs. Tennessee
The razorbacks have a strong perimeter defense that should be able to defend Tenn's 3 point shooting.

TEMPLE +2.5 vs. St. Joseph's
These guys have played each other twice and split each game winning at home by 1 point. More of the same here. I like Temple to win this and steal a bid.

STANFURD +3.5 vs. Ucla
UCLA will have no answer for the Moron Twins. Luc Richard is out without a sprained ankle and that will hurt the Bruins as well. I hate to say it, but the Cardinal win and become the first #2 seed knocked out of the NCAA tournament.

PITT +5 vs. Georgetown
I bet on the Hoyas yesterday and yes, they are rolling now. They look like the best in the country. But, they will continue to have trouble with turnovers and I think Pitt will be a tough test for them tonite.


Friday, March 14, 2008


In gambling, exposure is a very important term, and it can have many meanings. Today we will cover two of them. The first is over-exposure. A perfect example of this is my last posting with 42 games for Wednesday and Thursday. If you want to win and win consistently, this is not the recommended theory. However, if you are going to Vegas or watching hoops for the next 3 weeks and just want the action, well its not bad. I had 22 winners and 20 losers in those games. So you exactly broke even with the juice and got about 84 hours of excitement if you watch all the games, pretty good free entertainment!

The other type of exposure is when a team wins a lucky first round game and everybody thinks they are legit all of a sudden. Perfect example, Villanova has a good half against Syracuse and wins going away. Are they really going to compete against Georgetown yesterday? Well, I guess not since they lost by 20 even though they made it look close. There were several winners yesterday, who shot their wad. That was their tournament game, and in the semi-finals today or even quarterfinals, they will be exposed. This will be my focus, along with the a few dogs who can't help but keep it close.

Some of these are early Games, get on it!


Oklahoma -8.5 vs Colorado. They have 19 losses and won in double overtime last night. They get killed today.

Clemson -8 vs Boston College. BC, a team I really want to like, just seems to fold in the 2nd half every game. Tyreese Rice will do his best, but they can't rebound and will get buried late in this game.

Wisconsin -13 vs Michigan. The Wolverines lost at Harvard this year. That win yesterday was their tournament hightlight. One and done, they may only get 40 points tonight. 65-42 Wisconsin.

Tennessee -12 vs South Carolina. GameCocks only wanted one win this week. They got it, and Tennessee wants to roll it up to get back in the limelight as a #1 seed. Spurtability baby!

Kansas -15 vs Nebraska. Same Story, JayHawks roll in first game. Huskers were happy to get a win last night, their season is over.

BYU -6 vs San Diego St. Cougars average age is 29. They have a lot of savvy and experience. They will beat the Aztecs into submission!

Good Teams, Good Games:

Pitt +1 vs Marquette. Defense wins championships. This team is not pretty, but they can beat up a perimeter oriented team like Marquette. No doubt!

St. Josephs +4 vs Xavier. Martelli is peaking this team took a while to come around, but they are in the process of playing their way into the tournament. Upset is very likely.

USC +9 vs UCLA. Prime time in LA. All kinds of exposure and this game will be a good one. Jack Nicholson will be there with glasses on, and Mayo will shine!

Georgia Tech +11.5 vs Duke. This line has been climbing. We all like to root against Duke, and the Yellow Jackets are a team that plays traditionally very well in the ACC tourney!

Good Gaming,
B. Anthony
214-175-9 ytd

Thursday, March 13, 2008

9am Thurs

Here are my thoughts for today, more to come.

VILLANOVA +6.5 vs. Hoyas
I will continue to bet against the Hoyas until their season is over

WEST VA +2.5 vs. UConn
West Va committed way too many turnovers yesterday, which is unlike them. They keep the ball today and win.

DAYTON +10 vs. Xavier
Brian Roberts did not play well yesterday. That won't happen today.

OREGON +4 vs. Washington state
WSU has won twice this year. Oregon offense will be tough to contain.

ARIZONA +2.5 vs. Stanford
Az keeps it going. Dollar Bill points out that Bayless won't be stopped.

I think you could make a really nice three team MONEYline parlay of the desparate PAC 10 bubble teams;

Arizona State

I feel the least confident about ASU, but it would not surprise me to see them win.

I think Maryland is cooked. I will take Boston College +5. For some reason, I keep coming back to Oklahoma state -4, even though I get burned every time I bet on or against them, but I like them today taking on Texas Tech. I don't see Florida -3.5 and Billy the Kid losing in the first round of this critical SEC tournament. Against my better judgement, I will go back to the well, one last time with Cal +12.5 vs. Ucla.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today is special. A Big East game at 9am. I am "working" so I just spent most of my time watching the game through updates on the internet. I am really useless during this part of the season. Useless at work, and useless at home. It is in everyone's (company, wife, kids, and pets) best interest that I just leave, which is why I pack things up and head to Vegas.

I am not totally enamored with a ton of games today though, which sucks, but if any of the big spreads, like St. Joe's, West Virginia or Arizona are down at half, I will take them. The key for me on halftime bets are;

- make sure the good players are not in foul trouble
- shooting percentage. If someone is shooting 60% and the other team is shooting 28%, there is likely an opportunity. Both teams will likely settle in around 45% meaning the losing team that is down will make a comeback.

Today's plays;

CHARLOTTE +1.5 vs. Rhode Island
This is more of an anti-Rhode Island play. The Rams have really struggled recently.

CINCINNATTI +8.5 vs. Pittsburgh
I agree with B. Anthony on this one and the public will be underrating the Bearcats. Based on the number opening at -10, I would say we are not alone in this thinking.

CAL -2 vs. Washington
I think Cal wins tonite. Brockman is a game time decision. Cal seems motivated and focused for the game tonite. This means they win this game tonite and then lose the next night to UCLA and pray for an NIT bid.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gauntlet has been Dropped

Championship week has a special place in my heart, and the sheer volume of games is even greater than the actual tournament. With that in mind, B. Anthony will pick every game on the calendar for the next two days, and Money will book them personally. (1000 Duane Dollars a game)

The best games will be listed with ***'s at the end. for your gaming assistance.

Big East
Syracuse over Villanova in a Pick.
Providence +8 vs West Virginia. Too many points in this conference battle. Friars have a history of overachieving.
Cincinnati +10 vs Pittsburgh. This is a classic bounce back after that horrible performance against Uconn. No one believes in this one, that is why it is one of my favorites. ***
Marquette-10 vs Seton Hall. Just a mismatch. Lay the lumber.

Atlantic 10
Dayton -4 vs St. Louis. Flyers are making a push for the big Dance. They need a big win! ***
St. Joes -7.5 vs Fordham.
Duquense -5 vs La Salle.
Charlotte Pick vs Rhode Island. Just because it seems like everyone else will want Rhode Island. Take the 49er's.

Ball St +2 vs E. Michigan
Central Michigan -6 vs Northern Illinois
Bowling Green +1 vs Toledo
Miami (OH) -9 vs Buffalo.

Conf. USA (aka Memphis and the little sisters of the poor)
East Carolina +10 vs Tulsa.
UTEP -10 vs SMU. Don Haskins is king.
Tulane +1 vs We Are Marshall.
Southern Miss -14.5 vs Rice-a Roni.

Big West
Long Beach +9 vs Irvine
Cal Poly SLO-3.5 vs Riverside.

Mountain West.
Wyoming -5.5 vs Colorado St.*** Rams Suck. This is one of the better games! Just look at this photo! this is how Futile Colorado St. is!
UNLV -11.5 vs TCU. Home game, not fair. Blow out! Rebels need a great showing at Thomas and Mack.
San Diego St. -4.5 vs Air Force. Air Force is down and out.

Big West
Boise St -8 vs Hawaii. Rainbows have no chance on the mainland! Parlay this with Wyoming!
Fresno St +8 vs Nevada. Classic battle, I like the points.
New Mexico St -18 vs Idaho. Mismatch.
Arizona +18 vs Oregon St. Why are they playing this game?
USC -4.5 vs Arizona St. Too much Trojans, not good for STD's!
Washington St -3 vs Oregon. Ducks may get knocked out of tournament with a bad loss here.
Cal +1 vs Washington. Surprise us all Bears!

Wake Forest +1 vs Florida St. Surprise, Demon Deacons still alive.
Miami FL -5 vs NC St. No more Love for Lowe!
Maryland -5 vs BC. Terrapins may make a miracle run this week!
Georgia Tech -1.5 vs Virginia. Cavaliers had their last hurrah last week. They are done in by the Yellow Jackets. ***

Big 12
Ok. St -3.5 vs TTech
Baylor -9 vs Colorado
Missouri +1.5 vs Nebraska
Texas A&M -11 vs Iowa St. Aggies wake up and make a run this week!***

Big 10
Penn St +8 vs Illinois
Northwestern +9 vs Minnesota
LSU -1 vs South Carolina
Vandy -7 vs Auburn
Florida -2 vs Bama. Watch for the Gators to show some heart and play well this week.***
Georgia +3.5 vs Mississippi.

Enjoy the Games,

B. Anthony
192-155-9 ytd

Uh oh

Two more bids were taken away last night when my team South Alabama and San Diego picked up the automatic bids. That is making things tougher on the Pac 10 teams and Saint Mary's.

I still think the Pac 10 will get 7 teams in. That means Arizona, ASU and Oregon will all get bids. Arizona really only needs to beat Oregon state. Oregon should beat WSU to feel good about their chances too. I have Saint Mary's in the tournament right now, provided Butler and Kent state wins their championship games. 3 teams from the WCC? Impressive. San Diego was listed as a 15 seed. I don't think USD is very good, but I do think that would be a tough out for a #2 seed though.

South Alabama will make it in as well (hopefully)

I stated this yesterday but it bears repeating. Check out the latest update of Bracketology on the right of this page. Look at the South Region. Memphis is the #1, Kansas is #2 and Louisville is #3. Those three teams could represent 3/4 of someone's final four, yet they find themselves in the same bracket. That is brutal. Alternatively, check out the Midwest where Tennessee is the number 1 team. They would compete against a short #2 Duke team, a slow defensive minded Wisconsin team at #3 and a dominant team at home, but good team on the road, in Notre Dame at #4. If I had the first pick of a draft to select teams, using this bracket, I may pick Tennessee. Not because I think they are the best team, but they have the best or easiest bracket to get to the Final Four.

Florida had the best route last year and look where it got them. Granted they had the best team and were ranked #1. Money and B. Anthony's team from last year, Memphis and Texas A&M were in the same bracket as eventual runner up Ohio state, as well as Louisville and Tennessee. My point; don't get married to a team right now. It will make filling your brackets out much more difficult.

Tons of games tomorrow and they start at 9am with Villanova vs. Syracuse. Flip a coin for that one.

If your bookie provides you with odds, take Louisville to win the Big East tournament and USC to win the PAC 10.

Today's games;

IUPUI +3 vs. Oral Roberts
What is this an eye chart? Two identical teams, but ICUP has the better player.

PORTLAND STATE -13.5 vs. Idaho state
Idaho state is terrible. Think USF without elbows.

BUTLER -9.5 vs. Cleveland state
This game is being played in Butler's home court. Even if this game is close, Butler will hit their free throws at the end of the game to win by 10.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Dog Day

The championship Monday is a day of dreams. William & Mary is making an attempt to visit their first tournament, as are some other plucky underdogs. Who doesn't like cheering for the underdog? It is un-american! However, gamblers do like the easy blow out special. Let's see if we can decide which game will be which?

William & Mary +8.5 vs George Mason. Let's bet that the Tribe stays in this game. Low scoring affair should help this stay single digits.

Davidson -16.5 vs Elon. Davidson just wants the route and does not want to or need to take the chance with the committee. They are experienced and have played in many big games this year. They will be up big early and late!

Arkansas Little Rock +10 vs Western Kentucky. We told you months ago to watch UALR, they will keep this close and may be dancing in less than 6 hours! (Semi-Final)

Siena - 3 vs Rider. Siena has played some big games, Notably win against Stanford and Boise St. They pull this out with FTs at the end. If you win, you cover 3 points with all the fouls and desperation in the end!

M Tennessee +11 vs South Alabama. One of Money's favorite teams will advance, but I just think this is too many points. I know nothing about this game and I haven't looked at their previous match-ups. Just a gut feel. Sometimes the best way to go! (ok, I am looking at their past match-ups now) Semi-Final Game

San Diego +7.5 vs Gonzaga. Home team, good story, Just take the points.

B. Anthony

4 more tickets punched tonite

A few things to discuss before moving on to the picks. As a Cal grad, I have a pretty strong opinion about the Cal/UCLA game. UCLA got another home court gift when the referees not only did not call the foul on UCLA when they were trying to foul Ryan Anderson, but they also proceeded to give the ball to UCLA stating it was off Anderson. Horrible call. But, amazing shot by Shipp even if it did go over the backboard and is technically out of bounds. You made Larry Bird proud. The game meant nothing to Cal (except if you had them in the moneyline). They would still have to play 4 games to win the Pac 10 tournament, which aint gonna happen. It also may have given the CAL AD some thoughts about keeping Braun for next year. What I hear, is that he is gone. The buyout is in place. I will take a UCLA victory for that move.

Speaking of UCLA, they are sliding out of my group of teams that I think can win it all. Josh Shipp is playing like a girl now and they need his shooting. Without it, they are a Great 8 team at best. For the time being, UCLA is now out of my circle of trust and I don't believe they can win it all at this point. The teams currently in my circle of trust? Louisville, North Carolina and Kansas. All of this can change dramatically when the brackets come out. Somebody is going to get screwed. A number 1 team could potentially have a #2 Kansas, #3 Louisville and Xavier as the number 4 seed. Needless to say, picking the number 1 seed in that bracket will not be on the top of my to-do list. Alternatively, you could have a number 1 seed with a # 2 Georgetown, #3 Stanford and #4 Indiana. Cakewalk city baby! We shall see.

Tough loss for Saint Mary's last night, who is directly on the bubble now. They need a Gonzaga win tonite, because the WCC is not a three bid league. Bummer. I really like SMC, who will now likely be an 8/9 playing UNC in the second round.

Tonite's play:
Championship plays

WILLIAM AND MARY +8.5 vs. George Mason
This is not the same GM team that went to the final four. Bill and Mary's luck runs out tonite, but not before they make one last cover.

SIENA -3.5 vs. Rider
This is a home game for Siena who will be playing a wounded Rider team who will likely play without two starters. Jason Thompson of Rider, future lottery pick will need at least 30 points and 15 boards to win the game.

DAVIDSON -16.5 vs Elon
Fourth game in four nights for Elon. Davidson is not in the tournament yet. They need this victory and will get it tonite.

SAN DIEGO +7 vs. Gonzaga
Gonzaga will win, but they won't blow anybody out tonite. In German, San Diego means a whale's vagina.