Monday, April 04, 2011

NCAA – Last game

So we are down to the final matchup of Butler vs. UConn. I have to say, I am totally torn up about this meeting. On the one side, I like how we are left with the two hottest teams (that is what winning five in a row will do for you) and to some degree, a couple of underdogs. However, I like upsets; I just don’t like them in the Final Four. I think if you get a George Mason or a VCU in the Final Four, then likely one team will have a pretty easy time to reach the final game. In this matchup we were pitted with an 8 seed in Butler and an 11 seed in VCU so one of them was going to advance. I am not saying that I wanted to have all number one seeds in the Final Four, but let’s be honest here, the number one seeded teams have the best players and I want to see them continue competing all the way through. Kemba Walker is great and Jeremy Lamb has been sensational. Shelvin Mack in making a case for himself to make the end of the first round draft, and a couple of the Frosh from Kentucky will play in the NBA, but that’s it for stars from this final four. And the Kentucky players are freshmen, so we really did not get a chance to become completely attached to them. The guys I mentioned above would likely fill a Kansas or Duke roster. I have heard some Analyst state this is the best NCAA tournament ever. I feel the exact opposite. It is not that I hated this tournament, because I liked it. There were a lot of close games. But the talent is diluted and by the time you start liking or following these underdogs, they lose. There was probably a reason why we never heard of VCU all year. They are a good team they played great near the end of the season. In fact, without the expansion of 4 teams, they would not have made it. I know I probably sound bitter and I probably am, because I really whiffed this year. I thought there would be a lot of upsets, I just picked the wrong ones and the there were some teams that I was not buying, Kentucky and UConn to name a few, that really put it together. I really like Brad Stevens of Butler. He is like a mini (in stature and titles) John Wooden. He is a teacher and a mentor and won’t judge success from these games for many years down the road. Since I was not buying UConn and because of my feelings for Butler, I will be rooting and hoping they win. So because of my errors throughout the tournament, I will go opposite of Money. UConn 67 Butler 60 Enjoy the game! Money