Friday, January 29, 2010

Saturday Picks

Limited description to follow picks. Time to just throw them on the wall and find out if we are ready for March.

18 games. I am predicting 13-5. Find the good ones!!!!

Connecticut -6 over Marquette. Jeckyl and Hyde of UCOnn.

West Virginia -6 over Louisville. Can't let go of Huggins

Georgetown -2 vs Duke. hate Duke

Missouri St pick over N Iowa. time for big dog in MVAC to lose

Washington St +8 vs Washington. Rivalry, too many points

Kentucky -10 vs Vanderbilt- Bounce back for Kentucky, let down for Vandy

Mississippi -12 v Arkansas. Let down for Ark.

Texas -10.5 v Baylor. Too much up and down, Texas due for a blow-out.

ASU -12 v Stanford. Bounce back for ASU

Umass +3 v Charlotte. Let down for Charlotte after upset v Temple.

USC pick over Oregon. Ducks let down after beating UCLA

Geogia +6 vs South Carolina. Huge let down for Downey and company, this is a lock!

Kanas -3 vs Kansas St. Better team wins!

UCLA +2.5 vs Oregon St. Ugly game but UCLA prevails.

UAB -4 vs UTep. Blazers, continue to roll.

Western Kentucky -20 vs New Orleans. I am going against New Orleans every game, rest of year, they are in quitting mode.

Cincinnati -8 vs Providence. Another let down game, Friars shot their wad already this week.

Gonzaga -11 v USF. Zags got their scare at SCU, they will win big and be up early!

Good Luck

B. Anthony

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Hoops Day

The very accurate pick of South Carolina that has been on this page for 2 weeks is not enough to make B. Anthony happy. The continued at or below 50% effort is just not good enough. As has been previously noted, in order to truly succeed, I need to get away from all the top 25 games. However, the mass audience out there, only wants to follow and bet on the games they can watch on TV they don't really want to win. They want to enjoy. That being said. I am going to venture into the more obscure conferences for some of my picks tonight, while still providing picks for the top 25 junkies.

Best 3 plays tonight

Northeastern -10 v Drexel. Drexel is down this year, and Northeastern has been rolling. Working on 11 wins in a row. That is confidence!

Marshall +1.5 vs Memphis. Huge game for the Thundering Herd. Plus they have a lottery pick in the line up! Hassan Whiteside will make the difference, defending the paint

UNC Charlotte +1.5 vs Temple. Time for the Owls to take one on the chin. Tough place to play!

Best of the Rest

Texas -17 vs Texas Tech. Someone is going to pay for last week. I am glad it is someone related to Bob Knight. Tech schedules patsy's early to build the resume, then gets pounded against real competition. Pat's team plays no defense, his dad should be disgusted. By the way, Knight is the worst announcer on TV. I mute both he and Vitale now. All he says is "they need to pass more, set some screens, run my offense, then they will be good. He abuses KStates offense as they are upsetting the #1 team in the country. The idiot doesn't realize that all teams switch picks now, and teams with great foot speed will dominate a motion offense. That is why so much spread and isolation is in the game. Shut up and go fishing!

Vanderbilt +6.5 vs Tennessee. Volunteers have come back to planet earth. Letting the idiots back on the team will screw up chemistry. Too many points for a rivalry.

Florida St +13.5 vs Duke. Hate Duke, like good defense and long bodies!

Ohio St -10 vs Iowa. Sorry Seckler. Evan Turner is rolling and OSU wins going away. The effort against Spartans was solid but took a lot out of the Hawkeyes!

New Mexico +1 vs BYU. Mormons are very good, but time has come for them to lose. Can't pick a better place than the Pit for it to happen!

Notre Dame +11 vs Villanova. Harangody is going to go for 35 and keep this close, maybe a big surprise if Nova doesn't come ready to play.

UConn -6 @ Providence. This is a possible trap game for UConn after a big win, but they are hitting their stride and will win going away!

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New # 1, Play the Trend

B. Anthony is back for some picks and ready to move past the continuous 50% mark

As previously stated, I am sticking with the #1 pressure being too great. I love Kentucky and still think they will win it all, but won't cover tonight.

South Carolina +7 vs Kentucky. At home, a big game from Devan Downey and some late game frenetics get the cover for the Cocks!

Michigan St -4.5 @ Michigan. Michigan has no real leadership, and Spartans are playing dominant team ball.

Miami Fl +8 @Maryland. Random ACC game will be close.

Clemson -3 @ BC. I like Clemson to step up and compete, even on the road!

Baylor -2 vs Kansas St-. Baylor at home has the athletes and guard play to put KState in a tail spin.

Uab -3.5 vs Tulsa. Even on the road I would take UAB, but at home I think the Blazers really roll going away!

West Virginia -17 @ Depaul. Depaul is bad and will be punished. Who else could be getting 17 points at home.

Nc St +1 vs UNC. Home game, big rivalry, and the Tar Heels continue to stink it up. They can't defend, and Wolfpack can shoot it when hot!

Northwestern +12 at Minnesota. Too Many points in a game that Northwestern could really use.

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony