Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday games

MEMPHIS -23 vs. So Miss
Some bad blood exists between these guys.

FLORIDA STATE +1.5 vs. Clemson
FSU pulls the sweep in this much needed victory.

VA TECH +5.5 vs. Duke
Must win game for the Hokies.

OHIO STATE +10 vs. Purdue
Purdue wins but this game will be close. OSU has some very talented young players, more so though Purdue.

LSU +4.5 @ Kentucky
Kentucky will have more turnovers than assists.

Cal/Ucla game;
Exciting game at Berkeley with ESPN college game day in town. Reese Davis said this was the best venue they have been too. Impressive stuff. However, all of the analyist picked Cal to win. Kiss of Death!

I can sum up the game in one word; Jerome Randle will blow the game for Cal. That was actually 8 words. Randle will be so excited with the crowd and exposure, but he will make so many dumb mistakes that will cost the Bears dearly. I hope I am wrong on this one, but UCLA wins.

UCLA -2.5 @ Cal

Is Stanford really favored by -2.5 over USC. Thanks for that.
U$C +2.5 @ Stanford

Good luck!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Warming Up

B. Anthony is back and needs to start posting several picks a day to find out how hot we are going to be for March. The latest trends show that teams on the bubble needing big wins are getting them. Providence was a great example, and Notre Dame is pulling off a similar run. Today's desperate team is Cincinnati.

Here are the plays for today.

Cinci+ 5 vs W. Virginia. West Virginia is not a great road team. Their last few wins have almost guaranteed them a birth in the big dance, they won't play with desperation tonight. The Bearcats will!

UAB +4.5 vs Memphis. UAB can really make a push to earn and At-Large Bid with a win here. Additionally, as Money would say, Memphis is not really a #1 seed. If they win out, they will be, so that just won't happen. This could be a straight up win for UAB.
I would also lean to the under 139 in the battle. Memphis will bring their outstanding defense, but it is likely their recent offensive outburst will stall on the road when they pucker up the butt cheeks in this close game.

USC +4.5 vs Cal. Another talented team that needs to make a statement to get in the tourney. Pac-10 will get 6 teams in if USC wins 3 of the next four. They will get at least one this weekend before sweeping the Oregon schools next week. DeRozan, Gibson, and Hackett are all pros. 3 pros means a tournament team when they wake up. I think it happens tonight!

Temple -10 vs LaSalle. Temple is a team I have been watching for a while. I expect a great finish out of them and a possible win in the A-10 tournament to prep them for the big Dance. You gotta love a team whose best player is named Christmas! By the way, the A-10 with Xavier, Dayton, Temple and Rhode Island is a very strong top heavy league. You can be sure their will be some complaining when only 2 of these teams get in the Dance. I am calling Temple and Xavier! Sorry Dayton.

Arizona St + 4 vs Washington. This is the game for 1st place in the Pac-10. I am so happy to see that someone will dethrone UCLA. I am going with one of my famous theories on this one. "Best Player on the Court". James Harden will be the difference. This game will be between 1 and 7 points all game, in this situation, take the points. Harden will hit a late 3 and get to the basket and the free-throw line to make the difference.

Harden's line. 22pts, 7 rebounds, 6 assist, 3 steals, and a ton of Moxy!!!

Good Luck,

B. Anthony

Thursday games

I seem to be developing a trend here where I do well one night and then crap the bed the following night. So this would mean that my chances of sleeping in a clean bed tonite are better!

WAKE FOREST -11.5 vs. NC state
Wake was embarrassed by Duke on the defensive end when they put up 100 points on them. This won’t happen tonite as Wake will be focused defensively and roll over NC state. This is an easy bet.

UAB +4.5 vs. Memphis
UAB has been playing well recently and won’t be intimidated against this Memphis team. I don’t believe Memphis is a “number 1 seed” team so therefore they have to lose at some point, which will be tonite.

PAC 10 games

WASHINGTON STATE -2.5 vs. Arizona
Arizona is playing better of late, but they are 2-7 on the road.

UCLA -6 @ Stanford
I have no faith in Stanford

CAL -4 vs. usc
USC is a fighting among themselves and falling apart. Big game for Cal and they know this is their best chance for a win in the last four games. They will get the win at home.

ARIZONA STATE +4 @ Washington
ASU is 6-2 on the road and will keep this close. Washington wins though.

Good luck!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Night Hoops

KANSAS STATE +9.5 @ Missouri
KSU is a good team and plays well on the road with wins at Texas, Colorado and Iowa State. Missouri will be looking ahead to their date at Kansas on Sunday. I like this bet a lot and would not be surprised to see an upset here.

DUKE -6 @ Maryland
There are two schools of thoughts here. Maryland will be looking for revenge after their 41 point loss in Durham and they cover, or Duke has started to figure things out with their lineup changes and improved intensity. I am starting to drink the Duke Kool-Aid. Plus, I think Maryland is in for a letdown after their big win against UNC.

MARQUETTE -1.5 vs. UConn
Marquette has the guards that can hit the outside shots and not allow Thabeet to ruin their offense. UConn has been a different team without Dyson and lack true perimeter scorers.

NOTRE DAME over 145
I never do totals, but these are two teams that don’t play a lot of defense. Notre is clicking offensively and will score over 80 points. Can Rutgers score 65? Yes!

Good luck!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Monday

There are really only two games tonite worth talking about. B. Anthony may think otherwise, but I just see the two and of course I have my opinions.

LOUISVILLE -2 @ Georgetown
Be warned, I have been wrong all season with both of these teams. I love both of them a lot, but I am growing tired of picking the Hoyas in a big game at home and coming up short. So, tonite I will pick Louisville (who has failed me on the road in these situations as well) to beat the Hoyas at home. I am probably totally wrong on this one.

KANSAS +2.5 @ Oklahoma
I have not been sold on OU and have been preparing for their downfall. I thought it would come at Missouri, but with Griffin out, I predict KU wins in Norman. This seems like an obvious choice, knowing that the POY is out. Where else are you going to find his points, rebounds and presence? I could over-think this, but am choosing not to. Kansas wins.

Good luck.


Sunday, February 22, 2009


I guess Pitt will be #1 again after UNC and Oklahoma folded last night. I think Pitt is the best team in the nation and deserves it anyway.

Michigan state -8.5 vs. Wisconsin
Bounce back for the Sparty. Izzo will have them ready to play at home

Syracuse -2.5 vs. Villanova
This is more of a hunch game as Nova has done well at the Carrier dome recently. SU won’t forget the beat down they took earlier from villanova

Xavier -18.5 vs. George Washington
Not playing well of late but a home game against GW is just what the doctor ordered

Wake Forest +7 @ Duke
Duke is shuffling their lineup in Feb. Not good.

Ohio State -2.5 vs. Illinois
Illinois can play Defense as we saw in the football score game the other day. Their offense is suspect though.