Saturday, December 01, 2007


B. Anthony is excited for one of the biggest Saturday's of the early year! We were candidly, not good yesterday, so we will move on!

Two best games for Saturday! (to clarify, these are the best basketball games, but not necessarily the best bets. I still like them both) edited at 1:07pm pst!

Indiana at Southern Illinois -2.5. This is another great match-up of two sweet sixteen teams. It will be close throughout, and I will lean to the home team. SIU -2.5. Go Salukis!

Duquesne +2 vs Drake. Money and B. Anthony both think these are two NCAA sleepers and we encourage you to follow these teams throughout their league season. This is a tournament game at Drake, but Duquesne is shooting the ball well and playing with a lot of confidence, they will pull this off!

The rest of the Winners for Saturday!

Louisville -12 vs Miami Ohio. Just too much athleticism. Miami-Ohio plays solid offense and will zone it up to defend Louisville, but the spurt ability will be too much. The last spurt will push it to 20!

New Mexico +8 vs Mississippi. This is a talented, undefeated New Mexico team. They will battle this one to the end, and they may win outright, take the points!

Pittsburgh -21 vs Akron. Pitt may actually be better without Aaron Gray! They defend well and now they can get out on the wings and finish without waiting for the big man to get down the court. Lay the big number!

Arkansas Little Rock -1.5 vs Tulsa. ALR is another of my early season favorites. They are at home against a larger conference team. It just means more to them!

Boston College -1 vs Providence. This is a good team all around, and they are in the good habit of winning. Tyrese Rice, in the mold of Tiny Archibald, will lead them to victory. Nothing beats a crafty lefty point-guard.

Good Gaming!

B. Anthony

Friday, November 30, 2007

Printing MONEY

It is the last weekend of a fabulous year of college football, where it seems like every week we are treated with a mini “national championship” game. This week, we have several, and when you throw in some of the rivalry games, it could be a special weekend.

The thing I love about the rivalry games is taking the underdog. They always cover and usually win. A team could suck (see Stanford), yet a win against the Bears could be as equally as impressive as their victory over USC.

College picks:

TENNESSEE +7.5 vs. Lsu
This game is so simple. Les Miles is going to Michigan, their defensive coordinator is going to Nebraska and they are coming off a triple overtime loss to Arkansas. Their season ended last week. Nobody in Baton Rouge cares about football anymore. Tennessee wins by a touchdown. Take the MONEYline please.

OREGON STATE pk @ Oregon
Like LSU, football is dead in Eugene. The moment Dixon’s knee went sideways, there went the season. This team was built around Dixon and can’t play at the same level with another QB.

ARIZONA +7 @ Arizona state
Don’t overlook the wildcats here who still have plenty to play for, regardless of the rivalry.

STANFORD +13.5 vs. Cal
The sad truth here is that both teams suck. Fewer people recognize this about Cal. Stanford and their junior varsity team will be ready to play. Tedford has lost control of this team and they will be lucky to escape Palo Alto with a victory. Keep an eye on D Jackson who may not play. Can you believe that Cal, at one point, was the #2 team in the country?

OKLAHOMA -3 vs. Missouri
We are finding that the teams that did not deserve to be at the top are now falling out. Kansas (liars) was thumped last week and Missouri will be exposed this weekend as another fraud themselves.

Money’s MONEYline parlay;
If you have the guts take this MONEYline parlay; Tenn, Az, Stanfurd and Oregon state. I did.

I am staying away from USC, as the line is almost up to -20. I would take the Trojans if Barry Danner got physical and forced me to pick someone, same with Va Tech @ -4. I will never bet against the RAINBOWS again.


Did someone say the warriors were on a Roll!!!!!!!!!! This team plays great with confidence. I think you can a expect the roll continue for a few more games. It will be interesting to see what happens when they play the Spurs or someone who is able to change their tempo.

NCAA Winners

Washington State -3 at Baylor. This must be a trap game, but I still think Defense and efficiency travel pretty well. Take the Cougars.

Wisconsin-Milwakee- +18.5 vs Marquette. Tough choice for me, but this rivalry game will prove too much to be a 20 point blow-out. Marquette will win handily, but they have walk-ons on their team that will get in the game in front of their parents, and with league approaching it is the last time that will happen! Take the dog!
Oregon St -3.5 vs Iowa State. Plain and simple, the bottom of the Pac-10 is better than the bottom of the Big 12. Especially at the end of a 3 game trip! Lay the points. Go BEAVERS!

Good Gaming,
B. Anthony

32-27 ytd

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Its a battle out there

Gaming is tough, and more than one of you out there just wants an undefeated night or two to put you out in front. B. Anthony wants that as well. If you are treading water, or slightly ahead you are in good shape. These days will come, and today may be one of them!

Some of my favorite covering teams are at it again tonight.

Air Force -7 vs Northern Colorado. NCU may have a few athletes, but not the discipline to defend this team. They are coming off a tough game against Wash. St. This will make anybody seem like an easy game.

USC - 6 vs Oklahoma- This Trojan team is playing great defense and has at least 3 NBA players on the court. They will continue to roll!

Gonzaga +1 at St. Joseph's- This game is huge for RPI, and Mark Few takes this seriously. I expect a great performance and a road win for the Zags!

B. Anthony
ytd- 30-26

I like Michael Beasley scoring 25+ tonight vs Oregon, but don't want to touch the game!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

Along with Crazy George, Rowdy Rosenberg, and a few other favorites, Wacky Wednesday will provide some great college hoops!

What are we learning in the ACC-Big 10 challenge? The ACC is better! Tonight this battle continues and most of my games will have this lean.

Old Dominion + 8 vs Georgetown. This plucky team knows how to compete and they will stay in the game with the Hoyas and may pull the upset. The are at home and they are tested having challenged the TarHeels for 38 minutes last week!

ACC Love:

NC State + 9 vs Michigan State. Too many points for an NC State team that plays everyone close. Michigan State is gritty and knows how to win, but I am not seeing a blow out here!
Boston College + 2 vs Michigan. This is a home game for Michigan, and it is the only reason they are favored. They are not a very good team, and they are still learning their system. The BC players will have the athletic advantage much like the Florida State v Minnesota game last night.

Blowout Special:

Kansas -31 vs Florida Atlantic. Whatever! Take the pay day Florida Atl. and go pay for some recruits or a new weight room or something. The second and third string for KU will run it up! 102-56. Cover will come early! The only good thing in Boca Raton is Costanza's parents!

High Profile game bucking the ACC Trend! (lowest rated of my picks)

Ohio State +4 vs North Carolina. It is time for the #1 team to lose. Not sure about the injury to Lawson, but UNC just doesn't travel that well! Take this surprising team from Ohio. They have a very good coach, and by the way, they were very good two years ago before Oden and Connelly and will continue to win this year.
Good Luck

B. Anthony
YTD 28-23

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Begging for winners

We have all been in this desperate situation, but hopefully it doesn't happen often on Tuesday!

The masses have spoken and they want B. Anthony's opinion on the college TV games tonight.

AS we have discussed several times, winning tv games is tough, but here is my take.

Best TV game to game on is:

Clemson -9 they will win in a route, and they are very good earl in the year.

Other games to pick, but my sense is that all of these will be with in 4 points of the line.

Duke -9

Minnesota +8

Georgia Tech +10

b. Anthony, out


B. Anthony does not want to be tempted into the NBA, but watching the GSW Hoops last night does inspire some thoughts.

1. NBA Basketball is an entirely different game!
2. Every shot they make, comes at the end of a move!
3. The Warriors have 3-4 players who make these moves!
4. If one of your guys can make these moves well enough, the other players will get wide open 3 pointers as the defense watches mouth agape!

The Warriors will be over .500 by the end of the week and will not look back all year! They are sharing the ball tremendously!

1. Despite my deepest hopes, NCAA hoops is unpredictable!
2. The best players win more games than the best coaches!
3. The Best Coaches happen to be the ones with the best players!
4. You can watch a great game even if the you have never heard of the players!
5. Stephen Curry will have a career as long as his Father!

NCAA Winners!

The love Affair Continues:
Memphis -23 vs Austin Peay. It is simple, they want to be #1 and voters will eventually put them their if they continue to cover! Rose is due for a break out game and several hard drives and dunks. They are at home in front of a raucous crowd. Elvis may be in the building!

Arkansas Little Rock -5 vs Rice. Despite the fact that Rice has a transfer point guard who must be a great player this is a good team who will continue to cover for us!

Dog of the Day!

Ball State +16.5 vs St. Josephs. This traditional hoops school home of the great Joe Schweitzer has already played Butler and Georgetown this year. They haven't lost by more than 16 yet this year, and it won't happen tonight!

Good gaming,

B. Anthony
YTD 24-20

Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Monday, Not Big Monday Yet!

B. Anthony is waiting for the days when Monday night will give you a host of games, tonight there are very few!

Washington - 22 vs Long Beach State! Route at home, not a fair match for the new young team, lay the points.

Biggest game of the year in the Southern League. Davidson at Appalachian State. I really want to play Appy State at home, but we are going to count on the fact that Davidson was sleep walking vs Western Michigan their last time out. Lay the points.

Davidson -4.5 vs Appy st.

Have fun.

B. Anthony

Ytd. 23-19