Friday, November 30, 2007

Printing MONEY

It is the last weekend of a fabulous year of college football, where it seems like every week we are treated with a mini “national championship” game. This week, we have several, and when you throw in some of the rivalry games, it could be a special weekend.

The thing I love about the rivalry games is taking the underdog. They always cover and usually win. A team could suck (see Stanford), yet a win against the Bears could be as equally as impressive as their victory over USC.

College picks:

TENNESSEE +7.5 vs. Lsu
This game is so simple. Les Miles is going to Michigan, their defensive coordinator is going to Nebraska and they are coming off a triple overtime loss to Arkansas. Their season ended last week. Nobody in Baton Rouge cares about football anymore. Tennessee wins by a touchdown. Take the MONEYline please.

OREGON STATE pk @ Oregon
Like LSU, football is dead in Eugene. The moment Dixon’s knee went sideways, there went the season. This team was built around Dixon and can’t play at the same level with another QB.

ARIZONA +7 @ Arizona state
Don’t overlook the wildcats here who still have plenty to play for, regardless of the rivalry.

STANFORD +13.5 vs. Cal
The sad truth here is that both teams suck. Fewer people recognize this about Cal. Stanford and their junior varsity team will be ready to play. Tedford has lost control of this team and they will be lucky to escape Palo Alto with a victory. Keep an eye on D Jackson who may not play. Can you believe that Cal, at one point, was the #2 team in the country?

OKLAHOMA -3 vs. Missouri
We are finding that the teams that did not deserve to be at the top are now falling out. Kansas (liars) was thumped last week and Missouri will be exposed this weekend as another fraud themselves.

Money’s MONEYline parlay;
If you have the guts take this MONEYline parlay; Tenn, Az, Stanfurd and Oregon state. I did.

I am staying away from USC, as the line is almost up to -20. I would take the Trojans if Barry Danner got physical and forced me to pick someone, same with Va Tech @ -4. I will never bet against the RAINBOWS again.


Blogger 50 Cent said...

no one seriously roots for Hawaii, do they? That is a gimmick program and their strength of schedule is a joke. At least Boise St. schedules tough non-conference games. I hope Hawaii loses to squash any BCS talk. If they do squeak in through one of those BCS clauses I will actually be rooting for LSU (presumably their opponent) for the first time this year.

no more Heisman talk for Brennan. He forfeited the Heisman the moment he signed on the dotted line to play at Hawaii.

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