Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

Along with Crazy George, Rowdy Rosenberg, and a few other favorites, Wacky Wednesday will provide some great college hoops!

What are we learning in the ACC-Big 10 challenge? The ACC is better! Tonight this battle continues and most of my games will have this lean.

Old Dominion + 8 vs Georgetown. This plucky team knows how to compete and they will stay in the game with the Hoyas and may pull the upset. The are at home and they are tested having challenged the TarHeels for 38 minutes last week!

ACC Love:

NC State + 9 vs Michigan State. Too many points for an NC State team that plays everyone close. Michigan State is gritty and knows how to win, but I am not seeing a blow out here!
Boston College + 2 vs Michigan. This is a home game for Michigan, and it is the only reason they are favored. They are not a very good team, and they are still learning their system. The BC players will have the athletic advantage much like the Florida State v Minnesota game last night.

Blowout Special:

Kansas -31 vs Florida Atlantic. Whatever! Take the pay day Florida Atl. and go pay for some recruits or a new weight room or something. The second and third string for KU will run it up! 102-56. Cover will come early! The only good thing in Boca Raton is Costanza's parents!

High Profile game bucking the ACC Trend! (lowest rated of my picks)

Ohio State +4 vs North Carolina. It is time for the #1 team to lose. Not sure about the injury to Lawson, but UNC just doesn't travel that well! Take this surprising team from Ohio. They have a very good coach, and by the way, they were very good two years ago before Oden and Connelly and will continue to win this year.
Good Luck

B. Anthony
YTD 28-23


Anonymous Puckhead said...

How can I take you or any of your picks seriously until you start handicapping a real sport, hockey? Until then, if ever, you and your picks are dead to me?

10:49 AM  

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