Monday, April 04, 2011

NCAA – Last game

So we are down to the final matchup of Butler vs. UConn. I have to say, I am totally torn up about this meeting. On the one side, I like how we are left with the two hottest teams (that is what winning five in a row will do for you) and to some degree, a couple of underdogs. However, I like upsets; I just don’t like them in the Final Four. I think if you get a George Mason or a VCU in the Final Four, then likely one team will have a pretty easy time to reach the final game. In this matchup we were pitted with an 8 seed in Butler and an 11 seed in VCU so one of them was going to advance. I am not saying that I wanted to have all number one seeds in the Final Four, but let’s be honest here, the number one seeded teams have the best players and I want to see them continue competing all the way through. Kemba Walker is great and Jeremy Lamb has been sensational. Shelvin Mack in making a case for himself to make the end of the first round draft, and a couple of the Frosh from Kentucky will play in the NBA, but that’s it for stars from this final four. And the Kentucky players are freshmen, so we really did not get a chance to become completely attached to them. The guys I mentioned above would likely fill a Kansas or Duke roster. I have heard some Analyst state this is the best NCAA tournament ever. I feel the exact opposite. It is not that I hated this tournament, because I liked it. There were a lot of close games. But the talent is diluted and by the time you start liking or following these underdogs, they lose. There was probably a reason why we never heard of VCU all year. They are a good team they played great near the end of the season. In fact, without the expansion of 4 teams, they would not have made it. I know I probably sound bitter and I probably am, because I really whiffed this year. I thought there would be a lot of upsets, I just picked the wrong ones and the there were some teams that I was not buying, Kentucky and UConn to name a few, that really put it together. I really like Brad Stevens of Butler. He is like a mini (in stature and titles) John Wooden. He is a teacher and a mentor and won’t judge success from these games for many years down the road. Since I was not buying UConn and because of my feelings for Butler, I will be rooting and hoping they win. So because of my errors throughout the tournament, I will go opposite of Money. UConn 67 Butler 60 Enjoy the game! Money

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet 16 Mayhem

I admit it. I was wrong. I took some chances and they did not pay off. Going into the tournament, I felt, Ohio State, Duke and Kansas would be tough to knock off and likely make it to the final four. They still have a ways to go, but at least they are still playing. I did not like Pittsburgh or their chances to make it to the Final Four. I did not put them past the great 8 in any of my pools and in most, I had them losing to Old Dominion. I had the concept correct but the team wrong. As such, I have taken some grief for my picks, particularly from Rusty who is still upset that I picked Gonzaga. Incidentally Rusty picked all four number 1’s and Pittsburgh to win it all. Nice! With my bracket in shambles, I am taking the liberty of redoing my bracket. I could take the easy way out and pick all 1’s and Florida. That is what Russ and 90% of America will do. I think a bit differently. Which of the number one seeds is most vulnerable? I don’t think it is Ohio State. They have played great, have great outside shooters, excellent defense, they don’t foul and have several NBA players on their team. They make the Final Four, although they probably have the toughest challenge. Duke is a different team with Kyrie Irving back. They are trying to remember what it was like to play with him as he was out for 3 months. Well, he is back now and he is a difference maker. They advance to the Final Four. What about Kansas? Great talent and my team to win it all this year prior to the start of the tournament. However, now I smell a hint of Northern Iowa. They seem to be playing like they are ready for an underdog to beat them and they will have two chances for that to happen this weekend. Richmond will be a tough out and will play them well and if they get by Richmond, they won’t survive Florida State or VCU. The key for either of these underdogs will be to control the ball. If they hold onto it and don’t make turnovers, Kansas will lose to one of them. What do we make of the Southeast bracket? I really like Butler. They will beat Wisconsin. I thought Wisconsin played a great game against Kansas State, but they got lucky. They should have lost. Butler has better guards, a better big man and the swagger right now. Butler beats Wisconsin. Florida is big and that should be the difference maker in the next matchup. Jimmer will go for 35-40 points, but they will be stuffed inside by the much bigger and more physical Gators. Florida will advance from this bracket. Money

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Money’s picks

This is going to be a fun tournament. There is a lot of talk about not having any dominant teams and how there will be a ton of upsets. I think I am right in the middle on this. I think there are top teams; all the number one seeds are really good. They all could win it all. On the flip side, I could all see them losing along the way too. I do think there will be some upsets, but I think they will be easier to see.

The two biggest things I look for when picking teams are youth and road records. For example, Wisconsin was 5-6 on the road. That’s pretty bad. I don’t really consider them a very good team and when Belmont beats them (12-4 on the road) I won’t even call that an upset. The better team will have won.

What about youth? I am not buying Kentucky, Texas or UNC. They are all very good teams, but none will be in my final four. They will make freshman mistakes. In fact, I think UNC will lose to Washington in the second round. I will take senior Isaiah Thomas over freshman Kendall Marshall every day. Ohio State is young too. They have a freshman point guard and their offense is run through freshman Sullinger. They do have senior experience though, which helps but I am not ready to anoint OSU #1

Here is my Final Four and some other teams that I am buying/selling.


Kansas will beat Duke.

Kansas has the best team. They have the fewest holes and will learn from last year’s early exit. Go Jayhawks.
Duke will get a lot better if Kyrie Irving plays. B Anthony called it about a month ago and said Irving will come back. It looks like he will play. How good will he play? That is the question we will find out. Anyway you look at it, this is tremendous boost.
Syracuse is always a tough out with their defense and length and transition game.
Gonzaga was a pre-season top 15 team that really sputtered out of the gate. They had injured players and a very tough schedule. They are playing very well now winning 11 of their last 12 and have no pressure on them.

Money’s stock tips
Washington – They will get past UNC if they survive the first game.
Oakland – They have an experienced team with an NBA player (Benson) on their roster. Extremely difficult game for Texas
Hoyas – Chris Wright is coming back which will help greatly. They have flaws but nobody is talking about them. Everyone will pick the winner USC/VCU game to beat them because the winner will be fresh on our minds.
Old Dominion – Great rebounding team. May upset Pitt.
Utah state/Belmont – one of these teams will be in the sweet 16

Kentucky/UNC/Texas – see above.
PAC 10 – Washington is the best. The other will lose in the first round.
UConn – The big east tournament was magical. Prior to the Big East tournament they were 4-7. They can’t close anybody out.
SDSU – I like this team but they have never won an NCAA tournament game. They are not going to win 6 games, much less 4 to get to the Final four.
Illinois – I loved this team at the beginning of the year. I hate them now.
Notre Dame – 5-4 on the road. All good losses but still not very #2 seed-like.
St. John – Losing DJ Kennedy will hurt their chances of advancing.
BYU – Jimmer can’t do it alone and he will be alone.

Enjoy the tournament!


Monday, March 14, 2011



Let me start by saying, this is the least and most excited I have been about a tournament in years. The committee did a horrible job with the at large, and I feel for St. Mary's and Virginia Tech the most. The reality is, playing the early "first round" play in game is a total slap in the face, but one of these teams is going to use it for a jump start to a good run! Anyone could win it all, but likely a favorite will go all the way.

I will do three pools, winners will be Ohio State in pool 1, Duke in pool 2, and San Diego State in Pool 3.

Let's get to the games, and what the hell, I will pick them all. Winner and Cover team included.


Arkansas Little Rock will roll UNC Ashville. Go big on the -4.5, they will lose badly the next game, but enjoy it for now. ALR 75-63

UAB +4.5 vs Clemson. UAB will make a good case for why they were taken and win this outright, Clemson continues years of underachievement. UAB 68-66


UTSA - 5 vs Alabama st- Texas San Antonio wins this in a realitively close game. Free throws will be the difference and they also cover -5 UTSA 75-65

VCU + 5 vs USC. The winner of this game will also win in the 2nd/1st round game on Thursday. I am taking USC on the strength of their defense and angry coach factor. VCU will cover the 5 points easily and will likely shoot a 3 at the buzzer for a late cover, but Trojans will prevail. USC 71-70


Early 4 games

Old Dominion - 2 vs Butler. Great game. This will come right down to the wire. I would never play this game, but ODU wins and makes 2 late free-throws to cover. 69-66 ODU

Princeton + 13 vs Kentucky. Almost no way that Kentucky loses, but really no way they are able to pull away and win by more than 13. I really like Princeton.

Louisville -10 vs Morehead State. Finally a favorite rolls. Many Kenneth Faried stories, but turnovers will make this a 20 point win. 82-67 Louisville

Penn St +2.5 vs Temple. Penn State is ugly but effective, kind of like many TS women!!! Nittany lines win outright 57-55 Penn St.

Richmond + 2 vs Vanderbilt. Down to the Wire. I have picked each team once in my two pools. Just enjoy a buzzer beater. I will take Richmond to eek out a win. 70-69!

Mid Day-

Belmont + 6 vs Wisonsin. Badgers win a close one, no cover. 55-51 Badgers

San Diego St. -16 vs Northern Colorado. Defense will be smothering. More blocked shots for SDSU than assists for Northern Colorado. 77-50

BYU -8 vs Wofford. Mormons still underated. Jimmer 35 points minimum. 75-58 Mormons.

Pitt -20 vs UALR. I will take Pitt as long as it stays under 20. 78 -52

Bucknell +10.5 vs Connecticut. Huskies win, but they are too tired and cocky after last week to win big. 67-63

West Virginia -5 vs UAB. Huggins wins a dirty one down the stretch, and covers as Blazers fade!!!! 70-60

Late Games

UCSB + 13 vs Florida. Too many points. Florida 75-66.

Kansas St -2 vs Utah State. Great game with Pullen it out!!! 72-68 KState.

Gonzaga +2 vs St. Johns. Johnies over-rated, Lavin over jelled. Too much talk here. Zags are playing good ball and will make some noise. Stockton will be the difference maker. 75-65! Zags

Missouri +2 vs Cinci. Too much hustle and press for the Bearcats. Big East is not faring that well. 81-75 tigers!!!!

Michigan St -2 vs UCLA. Ugly game with a lot of defense being played, but Kalin Lucas will win this one for Spartans. Last gasp before they bow out. Disappointing year for them! 61-55


Early -

Tennessee - 1.5 vs Michigan. I don't like either team, but Vols play better defense. 71-65 Bruce Pearl gets one more win!

George Mason -1 vs Nova. I am guessing this line will move towards Nova as the public doesn't realize that Nova is done. Put a fork in them, GM advances and pretty easily. 78-70 Colonials

Notre Dame -13.5 vs Akron. This line seems high, but Irish are experienced, take good shots, and are well tested. They roll 80-60 Irish.

Oakland +9 vs Texas. Horns will pull this out, but not before a great showing by Oakland. Too bad they got Texas, they could have beaten many teams in this tourney. 75-72 Texas.


Arizona -5.5 vs Memphis. The luck will run out for Memphis who were lucky to get to the tournament. Pastner will simply be out-coached by a very good UofA staff! 75-62 Arizona.

Duke -22.5 vs Hampton. Don't be surprised to see Kyrie Irving get loose in this game. I called it months ago that he will be back for the tourney, and he will. Hampton will try to Dunk on Duke, but it won't work out too well. 83-55 Duke will cover down the stretch.

Ohio State -25 vs UTSA. Buckeyes will kill an over-matched team who was happy to get one win on Wednesday. No line yet, but 92-60 will cover any line they put out there!

Texas A&M Pick vs Florida St. Neither team will look pretty but Aggies pull it out 68-65.

USC +3 vs Georgetown. Trojans will ride the horse of momentum after beating VCU and will win outright vs Georgetown too. 70-68!!


LIU +18 vs UNC. This line up to 18 is too high. I think Tarheels win, but LIU can score and UNC will let them. 80-70 Tarheels.

Xavier-1.5 vs Marquette. Great team at Xavier is going a long way. I like them to win a few games, this will not be close. 75-63 Musketeers!

Purdue -14.5 vs St. Peters. Too much size and defense. 75-56 Purdue.

Kansas -23 vs Boston University. Jayhawks are too experienced and big for any scares hear. 85-55 KU.

Late games

Georgia +5 vs Washington. I think Huskies win this one late, but no cover. UW 78-75

Syracuse -11 vs Indiana St. Sycamores will not figure out the zone. No ones does in the first round. 75-58 Orange.

UNLV -1.5 vs Illinois. Rebels too good defensively for an underachieving Illini team who will fold down the stretch. 71-62 Rebels!

Good luck to all. I think I have slightly more than half favorites.

B Anthony!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Money's Preseason NCAA predictions

Things have slowed down here at the Truth, but that won’t stop Money from putting a few things on paper to come back and look at 6 months from now.

Michigan State will win it all this year. They have a great core of players returning. MSU is always among the best defensive teams in the country and Tom Izzo arrives to the Final Four every year. His allegiance towards staying with Michigan State and not opting for the NBA game is rewarded.

Final Four:
Michigan State
Ohio State

B. Anthony predicts Duke may go undefeated this year. I think he may be right, at least for the regular season. This team is loaded. I see three reasons why they don’t win it all.
1) Egos: As stated, they are loaded, which means some guys will have lesser roles than they envisioned. Will they buy into the team philosophy?
2) Height: Zubek may have been annoying but he was big and clogged up the middle. The Plumlee brothers are not the same type of players and represent the biggest guys on the team.
3) Nobody repeats

I like the returning pieces for Ohio State in Buford, Diebler, Lighty and Lauderdale. Throw in Jared Sullinger who may be the number one pick in the NBA Draft next year and you have a very nice team.

Illinois rounds out my last team to make the Final Four. Demetri McCamey is a nut ball and he may crash and burn and take this team or Bruce Weber down with him. I bet he recognizes the importance of this year and thrives. They have major size, a good backcourt and can shoot.

Yes, I like the Big Ten this year with 3 teams making the Final Four. I like Wisconsin to be very good too. Heck, I like Purdue now even with Robbie Hummel out for the year again with another torn ACL; Poor guy.

Teams I am buying;
Pittsburgh – Great defensively. Good core of players in Gibbs, Wanamaker and McGhee.
Missouri – Is there a more feared team to play every year in the tournament than Missouri? The names come and go but the relentless style by Mike Anderson remains
Wisconsin – If Jon Leuer stays healthy, they will win all home games this year and get to Sweet 16.
San Diego State – Too small to make a deep run, but really talented. All five starters return.
BYU – Jimmer Fredette
Temple – Great Defense, 3 starters back from a good squad last year
Dayton – Fun team to watch. Rolled through NIT and return best player in Chris Wright.

Teams I am selling;
Kentucky – Lost everyone and can’t keep surviving/excelling with one and done players.
Syracuse – Foundation of Wes Johnson, Rautins and Onuaku are gone.
Gonzaga – A few people are picking them to win it all. Not a chance. No speed or athleticism or point guard.
Butler – Unfortunately the magic is gone. Gordon Hayward will be brought up in every game these guys play.
Florida – All five starters return. Unfortunately they sucked.
Tennessee – Bruce Pearl and the Tennessee program will be irrelevant in a year.
PAC 10 – Another down year for the Pac 10. No lottery picks again this year. Heck, Derrick Williams of Arizona may be the only player drafted period.

Enjoy the season!