Friday, January 22, 2010

Huge Card Saturday

Just going to get right to the games. I made predictions before lines came out. 17 games that include the top 25 are in action. Here are thoughts

1. Texas pick at Uconn. My original thought is Texas is 10 points better, give Uconn 5 for home court. So Texas favored by 5. Line is a Pick. Take Texas

2. Kentucky -18 at home vs Arkansas. I thought line should be 14 because of nerves. Take the points, Arkansas +18

3. Kansas -12.5 at Iowa St. I thought line would be 11. Too close to call. Stay away

4. Nova -4.5 @ St. Johns. Line should be 8. Take Nova -4

5. Cuse -10.5 at home vs Marquette. I had the line at 11. Too close to call.

6. Clemson pick hosting Duke. I think Clemson should be favored by 2. Take Clemson pick

7. Michigan St pick at Minnesota. Michigan St should be 4.5 point favorite. Take MSU pick

8. Tennessee -5 @ Georgia. Line is too close to call. I guessed 6.

9. Kstate -11 vs OSU. I am thinking this line is right on, but Like Oklahoma St to get KState in hangover game. Oklahoma st. +11

10. Gonzaga -24 vs Loyola. Line is right where it should be, stay away.

11. West Virgina -6 vs Ohio St. I guessed 7 point line. If it goes above 8, take OSU, otherwise stay off. Ohio st. +8 if it gets that high

12. Byu -3.5 vs San Diego St. This line is right on, but BYU is best cover team in the land. Take Mormons -3.5

13. Georgetown -21 vs Rutgers. I think this line is high. I had it at 15. Take Rutgers +21

14. Purdue -12 vs Michigan. This line should be under 10. Take Michigan +12

15. Temple -16 vs Fordham. Line is a bit high. I would lay off. But if I played it, Fordham +16

16. Butler -13 vs Illinois Chi. Line should be 10. Take the dog. Illinois Chicago +13

17. Ole Miss -6 vs LSU. Game is right on the line. Lay off this one.

Good gaming.

B. Anthony

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prepping for big Weekend

B. Anthony has not yet hit stride, but hovering around 50% while still cold is not a bad start.

Pac-10 play, which is hard to watch is on tonight, and I have some plays that will keep you interested!

Oregon +10.5 vs Cal. Double digits don't come easy, even at home. Look for a high scoring affair with Oregon hitting some late shots to keep this under 10!

Oregon St. +6.5 vs Stanford. Ugly game will be decided by 5 or less.

Washington -4 vs UCLA. Huskies on a roll, will handle Ucla even at Pauley.

Washington st +7.5 at USC. USC is bound to let Cougars hang around for too long. They may lose on a last second shot by Thompson.

Gonzaga -22
v Pepperdine
St. Mary's -13.5 vs San Diego will both win big at home.

Random Play of the Day.

New Orleans just announced they are leaving Sun Belt and going to Division III. They will play like a DIII team tonight.

La. Lafayette -12 big over New Orleans!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Game Night

B Anthony is ready for the two month preparation for March.

One item of note: As much as I love the top 3 teams in the country, and there are only 3 elite teams, Kentucky, Kansas, Texas, not necessarily in that order, the task of remaining #1 is very difficult. The reality is, these kids just get all puckered up in the corn hole and can't play!!!

Watch how the loose, fantastic Syracuse team tightens up when they soon become #1. Kentucky has a home game this week, but on Jan 23rd when they go to South Carolina, look for the unblemished season to end. (Note, I love Kentucky hoops this year, but it is just too clear that teams can't handle the pressure of #1)

Games for tonight, I will try to post 5-10 every night there is a good schedule!

I will publish high profile TV games to feed all the junkies!!! It gives us all something to follow closely.

Georgetown +1.5 at Pitt. I have gone back and forth on this one. Pitt is playing fantastic, but I am going to invoke the "best player on the court" rule and take Greg Monroe to make the difference with a last second block, or rebound and put back for a 1 point win!

Michigan St -21.5 vs Iowa. Simply a bad team on the road getting rolled!

South Florida +12 @ Cincinnati. This game will be full of hard fouls and smack talking, that will result in a single digit result.

Kansas -14 vs Baylor. JayHawks get healthy and happy now that the pressure is lifted!

NC State +11 vs Duke. Slight bias here, I always play against Duke. But Double digit dogs at home is a good play in ACC rivalry!

West Virginia -12 vs Marshall. We are Marshall will pay for the ass-whooping that Huggins gave WVU after their home loss to Syracuse.

Michigan +8 vs Wisconsin at Madison. Home court is big for Badgers, but late 3's will cover this line for Wolverines!

Wake Forest +7 at UNC. I was holding out hope, but UNC is just not very good and the betting public doesn't know it yet. These teams are equal, give NC 4 pts for home court, not 7!

Xavier +3 vs Temple. Owls are improving and on a roll, but they are not as battle tested as the Musketeers. Look for a 10 point
win from a focused Xavier squad!

William & Mary +7.5 vs VCU. This line is a little high based on past results. VCU wins at home, but likely by 4!

Good Gaming

B. Anthony