Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week 2

Week 2
Here are the current standings from Coach’s pool after my 9-6 showing. My output was better than I thought it would be. I am the Finger.

22 - "Fender"
22 - "The Finger"
22 - "Tie my Fly"
21 - "Sooner"
20 - "Triple"
19 - "Bronco"

Games this week.

Kansas @ South Florida pick South Florida
Navy @ Duke pick Navy
Washington St. @ Baylor pick Baylor
Ball St @ Akron pick Ball state
Toledo @ Eastern Michigan pick Eastern Michigan
Oregon @ Purdue pick Oregon
Michigan @ Notre Dame (sorority game - looks better than really is) pick Michigan
Air Force @ Houston pick Houston
Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech pick Va Tech
Memphis @ Marshall pick Marshall
San Diego St. @ San Jose St. (battle of the 2.0's) pick San Jose State
Ohio St. @ USC pick U$C
Wisconsin @ Fresno St. pick Fresno state
Iowa St. @ Iowa (Galbraith Special) pick Iowa
Stanford @ TCU____103_______pts only

A few thoughts on this week’s games. I have a hard time picking Duke in basketball and an even tougher time doing it in football. How is anyone supposed to pick WSU after getting their teeth kicked in by Cal at home? I imagine most people will feel the same way, making WSU the right call. I will probably miss that game. Ball state is good and Akron will suffer a letdown. I always root against Notre Dame and love seeing them suffer. I will do it again here, but this is a risky play. A lot is riding on Charlie Weis’ big shoulders in this home opener. I think UCLA will keep things close, but BYU wins. SJSU wins big. Each week, I usually have one or two games where I make a bold pick or statement. Ohio State was going to be my game. But, when I heard that Beanie Wells is doubtful, I am taking the Trojans. From what I was reading, nobody was giving the Buckeyes a chance, and that is a great spot to be in. OSU is talented and I expected their prized QB Pryor recruit to play a big part in the game, which he still may, but OSU loses without Wells. Fresno state wins in a tough game.

Bets I like this weekend:
SOUTH CAROLINA +7.5 vs. Georgia
Spurrier will find a way to win this game

OREGON STATE -13 vs. Hawaii
UH is bad this year and does not play well when they leave the islands.

OKLAHOMA -21 @ Washington
Cue the Taps music. Willingham is gone. Season is over.

UNLV +23 @ Arizona state
Classic look ahead game for ASU who can’t wait to play Georgia next week.

What a crazy week 1 for the NFL. Money was pretty accurate with Brady. He did not die, but he screwed up his knee. Luckily the Patriots still won and I am thankful that I was not holding on to them as a good survivor pick, because without Brady, this is a different team…obviously. As predicted, my brother 50 Cent played two survivor pools and he lost them both, SD and Indy. He really should never do this again, although he did get second place last year with his dual entry. Dollar Bill miraculously made it through week 1. Maybe this is his year.

We lost 7 in our survivor pool last week, so there are 16 entries left. To recap, let me fill you in on my rules for picking games. I don’t pick road teams, unless I have too, which typically would not happen until around week 10 or so. On top of that I like to pick teams favored by a touchdown, or six points. That means I am staying away from Pitts -6 at Cleveland and the Giants -9 at St. Louis.

That leaves this group to pick from, and I lowered my standards a bit this week.

Bills @ Jacksonville -5.5
Atlanta @ TBay -7
49ers @ Seattle -7
Miami @ Arizona -7
Ravens @ Houston -4.5
Philly @ Dallas -7

Right off the bat, I eliminate Jacksonville. That team is a mess right now. Their O-line has been decimated, their WR corps are putrid and one of their players got shot is fighting for his life. No thanks. Jeff Garcia is hurt/benched. Brian Griese is taking over. I don’t like or trust either QB. I’ll stay away from this game too. 49ers suck, but Seattle has no healthy WRs and RBs. They still win, but this game is a risk and I am not going down in this pool picking against the niners or raiders.

That leaves me with Arizona, Texans and the Cowboys. I have a hard time taking the cowboys based on how well the eagles played last week, but it was the Rams, so this should not be taken to heart. Jessica Simpson is trash talking the Eagles, so that is a bad sign. In any event, I am not taking the cowboys this week. I think Arizona is a good play. Miami has to travel across the country and are not very good, but Arizona is really not that great either. I’ll pass. That leaves Houston. Am I crazy? Crazy, like a fox. I like this team. They were 8-8 last year and their top two weapons (Schaub and Johnson) rarely played together. The Ravens looked good last week, but they were playing at home and playing against Ocho Cinco’s team. By the way, I love that he changed his name. This guy is genius. He is not that talented, but think about how much we talk about him. However someone should have told him that Ocho Cinco means “8” “5” not “85”. The Ravens with a rookie quarterback on the road, won’t win this game. Houston is my pick.

NOTE: With the cancelation of the Houston game, I have changed my pick to Arizona.

NFL picks

CHIEFS -3.5 vs. Raiders
The Chefs will play better with Huard as their QB

RAMS +9 vs. Giants
Giants are not that good.

HOUSTON -4.5 vs. Ravens
Going down with the Texans.