Sunday, April 04, 2010

Duke is going to kill Butler

It is going to take a lot more than a rock to the eye from David to take down Goliath. David is going to need a gun. We will have our consecutive non competitive Championship game. Duke will be our National Champion for this year.

You can say what you want about their bracket and who they played, but they are playing well right now, probably the best they have played all year. Butler is smaller, has fewer shooters, less depth, will not be able to keep Duke off the boards, and will absolutely get bitch slapped in this game. The media wants us to believe this is the ultimate championship; Good vs. Evil. David vs. Goliath. Cinderella vs. the Pumpkin. Wesley vs. The six fingered man in Princess Bride.

Credit coach K for this. Enough praise for Duke. This is going to suck. Duke rolls. Take Duke -4 in the first half, bet the game -7, take Duke in the second half again regardless of the line and take Duke to win it all next year too (settle down Money). No idea on the total. but I think this goes over. I only hope Butler can score enough to help.

Great run for Butler. Duke wins by 19. Duke 75-56

DUKE -7 vs. Butler

Good luck!