Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet 16 Mayhem

I admit it. I was wrong. I took some chances and they did not pay off. Going into the tournament, I felt, Ohio State, Duke and Kansas would be tough to knock off and likely make it to the final four. They still have a ways to go, but at least they are still playing. I did not like Pittsburgh or their chances to make it to the Final Four. I did not put them past the great 8 in any of my pools and in most, I had them losing to Old Dominion. I had the concept correct but the team wrong. As such, I have taken some grief for my picks, particularly from Rusty who is still upset that I picked Gonzaga. Incidentally Rusty picked all four number 1’s and Pittsburgh to win it all. Nice! With my bracket in shambles, I am taking the liberty of redoing my bracket. I could take the easy way out and pick all 1’s and Florida. That is what Russ and 90% of America will do. I think a bit differently. Which of the number one seeds is most vulnerable? I don’t think it is Ohio State. They have played great, have great outside shooters, excellent defense, they don’t foul and have several NBA players on their team. They make the Final Four, although they probably have the toughest challenge. Duke is a different team with Kyrie Irving back. They are trying to remember what it was like to play with him as he was out for 3 months. Well, he is back now and he is a difference maker. They advance to the Final Four. What about Kansas? Great talent and my team to win it all this year prior to the start of the tournament. However, now I smell a hint of Northern Iowa. They seem to be playing like they are ready for an underdog to beat them and they will have two chances for that to happen this weekend. Richmond will be a tough out and will play them well and if they get by Richmond, they won’t survive Florida State or VCU. The key for either of these underdogs will be to control the ball. If they hold onto it and don’t make turnovers, Kansas will lose to one of them. What do we make of the Southeast bracket? I really like Butler. They will beat Wisconsin. I thought Wisconsin played a great game against Kansas State, but they got lucky. They should have lost. Butler has better guards, a better big man and the swagger right now. Butler beats Wisconsin. Florida is big and that should be the difference maker in the next matchup. Jimmer will go for 35-40 points, but they will be stuffed inside by the much bigger and more physical Gators. Florida will advance from this bracket. Money


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