Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Money’s picks

This is going to be a fun tournament. There is a lot of talk about not having any dominant teams and how there will be a ton of upsets. I think I am right in the middle on this. I think there are top teams; all the number one seeds are really good. They all could win it all. On the flip side, I could all see them losing along the way too. I do think there will be some upsets, but I think they will be easier to see.

The two biggest things I look for when picking teams are youth and road records. For example, Wisconsin was 5-6 on the road. That’s pretty bad. I don’t really consider them a very good team and when Belmont beats them (12-4 on the road) I won’t even call that an upset. The better team will have won.

What about youth? I am not buying Kentucky, Texas or UNC. They are all very good teams, but none will be in my final four. They will make freshman mistakes. In fact, I think UNC will lose to Washington in the second round. I will take senior Isaiah Thomas over freshman Kendall Marshall every day. Ohio State is young too. They have a freshman point guard and their offense is run through freshman Sullinger. They do have senior experience though, which helps but I am not ready to anoint OSU #1

Here is my Final Four and some other teams that I am buying/selling.


Kansas will beat Duke.

Kansas has the best team. They have the fewest holes and will learn from last year’s early exit. Go Jayhawks.
Duke will get a lot better if Kyrie Irving plays. B Anthony called it about a month ago and said Irving will come back. It looks like he will play. How good will he play? That is the question we will find out. Anyway you look at it, this is tremendous boost.
Syracuse is always a tough out with their defense and length and transition game.
Gonzaga was a pre-season top 15 team that really sputtered out of the gate. They had injured players and a very tough schedule. They are playing very well now winning 11 of their last 12 and have no pressure on them.

Money’s stock tips
Washington – They will get past UNC if they survive the first game.
Oakland – They have an experienced team with an NBA player (Benson) on their roster. Extremely difficult game for Texas
Hoyas – Chris Wright is coming back which will help greatly. They have flaws but nobody is talking about them. Everyone will pick the winner USC/VCU game to beat them because the winner will be fresh on our minds.
Old Dominion – Great rebounding team. May upset Pitt.
Utah state/Belmont – one of these teams will be in the sweet 16

Kentucky/UNC/Texas – see above.
PAC 10 – Washington is the best. The other will lose in the first round.
UConn – The big east tournament was magical. Prior to the Big East tournament they were 4-7. They can’t close anybody out.
SDSU – I like this team but they have never won an NCAA tournament game. They are not going to win 6 games, much less 4 to get to the Final four.
Illinois – I loved this team at the beginning of the year. I hate them now.
Notre Dame – 5-4 on the road. All good losses but still not very #2 seed-like.
St. John – Losing DJ Kennedy will hurt their chances of advancing.
BYU – Jimmer can’t do it alone and he will be alone.

Enjoy the tournament!



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