Friday, February 22, 2008

Early Saturday Picks

B Anthony will be unavailable for most of the next 24 hours, so here are your winners for the weekend!

Memphis -5.5 vs Tennessee. Sweet as a Rose!!!!!!!

The Big game, 1 vs 2, etc...... Everything tells me that the public believes in Tennessee, and the early line of 6 will go down to 5. I am going to stick with my early season prediction and go against the public. Memphis -5 will hold off the Tennessee pressure and get some game closing dunks for a 8-10 point victory.

Connecticut +1.5 vs Villanova. I liked Nova if they were +3, but they just don't have the size to beat UConn in a game the Huskies need.

Oklahoma +9 vs Texas. This line is not yet out, and Texas has been playing great, but this is the type of team they let hang around. They win, but not by double digits.

UCLA -13 vs Oregon. One of my favorite games, the Bruins are peaking just in time. Oregon is sulking after the Mayo show on Thursday. Pauley is not a place to go, when you are not ready to play!

USC -18 vs Oregon St. The Beavers are having a rough year, and it won't get any better on Saturday. This is a twenty point game, for the whole second half!

Washington St. -5 vs Arizona. Cougars are just too solid and too team oriented to lose to the Wildcats. Now that Washington has exposed the one man show that is Arizona, Bennett will follow suit.

Bracket Busters! These games were pegged early on and some of them will still be competitive.

Southern Illinois -6 vs Nevada. Salukis are just too good at home. Wolfpack is down a bit this year and will have a hard time keeping with in 10!

The Drake +6 vs Butler. This will be a battle down the stretch and many 3-pointers by each team will make this fun to watch. Take the points!

Old Dominion -12 vs Bucknell. The Bison is just not that good this year. The Colonial is a much stronger league than the Patriot. This will become evident early!

Kent St. +8.5 vs St. Mary's. A late night start for both teams will lead to a little sloppiness, but this should be a close game until the end. I see the Gaels prevailing, but take the points!

(Late Addition)Boise St. -7 vs Siena. Boise has been good to me, and my point guard Skiffer believes in them. This is a tough place to play for the visitors from Siena. Big Win for Broncos

11 Games, enjoy.

I like them All, but UCLA, Oklahoma, Old Dominion, and Kent the most. A fun 4 teamer might be worth the investment.

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony

The big day

We should have a good matchup to view on Saturday evening. #1 vs. #2 and neither team is Duke or North Carolina. I love it. It should be a great game, but like a good movie that is overhyped, I am sure somebody won't show up and this game will let us down.

How will Indiana play? New coach. Will they sulk? Probably. I expect the hoosiers to come out flat.

Here are my plays for Saturday;

CINCINNATTI +14.5 @ Georgetown
Start selling the Hoyas as they are not a final four team. Second round exit in the tournament too.

ARKANSAS +2 @ Kentucky
Kentucky has had too many injuries and not quite figured out the new system yet. This season is over for them. Arkansas wins easily.

DUKE -22 vs. St. John's
Take Duke in the first half and the full game. They will punish the Johnnies!

WEST VIRGINIA +10.5 vs. Providence
The mountaineers come out strong after the embarrassing loss to Nova the other night and hand it to Providence.

THE DRAKE + 5.5 @ Butler
Josh & Drake won't win the game, but this bracket buster game will be close.

TENNESSEE +6 @ Memphis
Money is calling for the upset here. This line will drop too, but it won't matter as Tennessee is playing great and has nothing to lose. Memphis has to win this game. These thoughts will go through their mind at the end of the game as they miss crucial free throws in their first loss of the year.

ST. MARY'S -8.5 vs. Kent state
Two of Money's favorite teams. I am going with the Gaels. They will control the tempo and run on Kent State. This game will be played at near Midnight in the eyes of the Kent players. Aussie, aussie, aussie.


Freaky Friday

B. Anthony will be brief. Only one play today.

Winthrop +3.5 vs Davidson. Best defense in small conferences, beats the 16 game winning streak at their home floor. Take the points!

Not to cry over spilt milk, but 3-1 last night should have been 4-0. I love Brockman for the Huskies and should have written about how is leadership would upset Arizona. Oh well, next time.

Good Luck, and look for 10 games for Saturday coming tonight. The Hawk will post some Ivy winners in my comments section!

B. Anthony,
155-122-6 ytd

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pac-10 Returns

Right to the games.

I find myself agreeing wtih Money, which could be scary!

USC-5 vs Oregon. Just watch them win at home!

UCLA-27 vs Oregon St. This is a game for UCLA to jump back in the top 4 and make their final run at a #1 seed. They win by 35!

Washington st -10 vs ASU. Cougars return to form and out exectue Sun Devils all game!

Arizona -2 vs Washington. Wildcats are playing well. Washington already had their big win for the year!

Good Luck
B. Anthony
YTD 152-121-6

PAC 10 winners

The PAC 10 is tough to handicap, but I have identified three winners tonite.

USC -4.5 vs. Oregon
The Trojans have the guard play and the defense to disrupt and shut down Oregon.

The Beavers have done well (covering) on the road. Ucla will be playing their third stringers by halftime.

ARIZONA +2 @ Washington
The Wildcats always play well up at Washington and tonite will be no different.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tough night tonite

I am not really feeling it tonite, but I always have opinions so here are mine for tonite.

PENN STATE +15 @ Michigan State
MSU is struggling! They are not going to beat anyone by 15, especially a team that knows they can hang with them.

UAB had the Memphis game circled for months. They played great and shot over 60% from the field. What happens when the cougars come into town? Are you going to play with the same enthusiasm? Not a chance. Houston wins.

WISCONSIN -2 @ Illinois
Wisconsin does not lose games that they should win. This is a game they should win.

VILLANOVA +2 vs. West Va
Is Villanova back? Not quite, but I am willing to pick them tonite against a flaky road team in West Va.


Bounce Back!

B. Anthony is excited for a big Wednesday, and I will do my best not to pick too many games.

Lets get to the plays:

NC State +8.5 vs UNC. Rivalry, and I said it earlier this year, the WolfPack won't forget the early season slaughter! Possible upset here!

William & Mary -4.5 vs Drexel. A much improved squad has covered at home on a regular basis!

Warming up for the weekend battle both of these next teams will get a weekday blow-out in order to get their confidence up!

Tennessee -16.5 vs Auburn. Too much pressure and too many guys named Smith!

Memphis -13.5 vs Tulsa. Time for a big win. Watch for Rose and the press to take over early.

Kansas St. -4.5 vs Nebraska. Much like Durant last year, Beasley keeps getting better and better. Nebraska has a big man, but he doesn't have the feet to stay with Beasley.

Duke -6.5 vs Miami. I would like to pick agains the Blue Devils, but this is a bounce back game from Sunday, and they will be ready to go.

That gives you a solid 6 games.

Good Luck,
B. Anthony

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just Winners!

Not a lot of banter today, just some winners and some early week preparation for the Memphis v Tennessee showdown. Hopefully both teams bring their A-game, but this rarely happens in this match-ups when both teams lose control of their adrenaline!

Depaul +13 vs UConn. I like the Huskies, but they won't win by this much.

Purdue +5 vs Indiana. Rivalry game and too many distractions in Bloomington.

Maimi (OH) -5 vs Akron. Solid team at home will hit Freethrow and win going away!

The Drake-7 vs Bradley. Good Match-up, but the home team will prevail as it preps for the bracket buster game at Butler this weekend.

Good Luck
148-115-6 (56.3%)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Money Monday

Fresh off a nice holiday weekend, we jump right into games on Monday. I stated at the beginning of the year, I was not a fan of Georgetown, and I still am not. As syracuse showed, they have a hard against the zone and are fairly ordinary on offense. The Hoyas will not be a part of any of my final four picks.

Tonite's plays:
RHODE ISLAND -2 vs. Xavier
Plain and simple; RI is undefeated at home and this game means a lot to them. Drew Lavender is hurt and may not play or be as effective.

SYRACUSE +9.5 @ Louisville
Both teams are playing at a high level now, but this is too many points to give the Orange.

I will take Texas at halftime when they are down to A&M.