Friday, February 01, 2008

I’m a loser baby

Money has always been a fan of the singer Beck, most notably his song titled “Loser”, which I have been with my game selections. I shat the bed with South Alabama and I am sorry. But, Penny washed the sheets and all is good now. We all have selective memories, and if you don’t, just bet against my picks.

SETON HALL +15 @ Georgetown
I am McLovin this team now. They won’t win, but the Hoyas won’t blow them out either.

UCONN -3 vs. Pitt
The Huskies get back one of their players, Wiggins, and he will help. Dyson is still suspended. How can you bet against the Huskies right now?

BAYLOR +8 @ Texas
The longhorns will be pissed after the performance they displayed against A&M, but the reality is that Texas is just not very good. It is a one man show versus the team of destiny.

WASHINGTON STATE – 4 vs. Stanford
WSU has to win this game.

ARKANSAS -4 vs. Florida
The gators are too young to win this game on the road.

KANSAS -21 @ Colorado
Poor Buffaloes.

OKLAHOMA +8 vs. Texas A&M
The sooners are healthy again, so beware.

MISSISSIPPI STATE +2 vs. Tennessee
The volunteers had to shoot the lights out to beat an average Alabama team on the road. MSU is the SEC’s best defensive team. Upset alert.

The sundevils are heading the wrong direction, but this game will be close and Hacket is hurt and may not play.

Add in game: Hawk Special

WASHINGTON -2.5 vs. Cal
No way, Cal sweeps the washington schools. Hardin is out and not playing. Not that he is terror inside, but his five fouls, 2 blocks, 2 rebounds and 1 point will be missed.


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quick List of Winners

B. Anthony will continue his roll, but without the flowery language.

Boston College +18.5 vs North Carolina. Too many points for a team with a good Point Guard.

Indiana +4 vs Wisconsin.

Washington St. -10 vs Cal. Too much defense at the Palooz.

Stanford -1.5 vs Washington. They have to get 1 of 2.

USC -3.5 vs Arizona. Highlight heaven. No defense by Arizona. Too many pros

Arizona St. +13.5 vs UCLA. Too many points in a low scoring conference battle.

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony
ytd 109-86-1.

The Truth's favorite teams

For those that have been reading The Truth on a regular basis, you have surely kept up with Money and B. Anthony's favorite teams. B. Anthony has been all over Memphis and Kansas state and Money has been a fan of Louisville to make a deep run in the tournament.

Besides, these top names we have been pimping some lesser known teams stemming from an 80's party where B, Money and the Hawk were talking hoops. We are huge fans of The Drake (a writer from SI has since picked up this nickname as well - Seinfeld gave The Drake a big screen TV for a wedding gift, but the wedding was later called off. "Love the Drake" and "Hate the Drake" are all great Seinfeld lines). We love Kent state who continues to win and play well, even with their best player, Chris Singletary out with a suspension. Incidentally, Singletary is back now and was allowed to play in the second half, scoring all 12 of his points. And our other team? South Alabama.

South Alabama is ranked 28 in RPI, with wins over Mississippi state at home, while losing to Vanderbilt and Ole Miss by a combined 6 points. They are rolling through the Sun Belt conference tonite and I expect this trend to continue tonite.

Take these guys straight and parlay them with everyone of B. Anthony's picks.

SOUTH ALABAMA -2.5 vs. North Texas


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Hoops Talk

Money, has been a fantastic writer, and as the creator of this site, I will never say anything derogatory about him! However, the last few nights of picks have not been his best. But, in true Money Spirit, one of our most loyal readers figured this out early, and has been making a killing on the Money Picks!

B. Anthony, loves days like today, and I have several picks, even though a few of them may contradict Money!

As Always MEMPHIS-9.5 vs Houston. This is a statement game. I stand by my assertion they will be undefeated into the Final Four! Houston really is the only challenge in Conf. USA, and Calipari wants both teams to know that there is a huge gap in talent. Here. Expect focused basketball and a blow-out. The biggest problem for Houston is they need to go up and down to be effective, but they are looking for trouble if they try to run with the Tigers!

Kent State -5 at Eastern Michigan. The class of this league will continue to win, even on the road!

The Drake -4.5 vs Creighton. The battle this weekend versus Southern Illinois not only tired them out, but it exposed some weaknesses. Look for Drake to pull this one out down the stretch.

Miami OH -5 vs Northern Illinois. Northern Illinois is the worst team in a mediocre league. Miami has played several good teams and has solid post play.

oh, By the way, I guess I need a few dogs. I just noticed a trend developing.
Out of left field, I am going to take the following teams.

UMass +5.5 vs Duquense. I really like Duquense, but their early start has helped the scouting report of other teams. UMass always improves throughout the season, take the points.

St. Johns +10 vs Georgetown. Back in the 80's, Carneseca would have made this game close. Now it is just the ugly ball that the Johnnies play that will keep it single digits!

Kansas St +7 vs Kansas. I know that KU is a much better team, but this is the biggest thing in Manhattan, ever!!!!! Take the points!

Good Gaming
103-85-2 ytd
B. Anthony

Lotta games tonite

After witnessing a couple of boring nights of college hoops on Monday and Tuesday, we finally have some very intriguing match up and some nice picks to bet on.

Here are my thoughts on the games tonite;

Money’s favorite plays;

ILLINOIS +9.5 @ Michigan state
I do like the Spartans and think they will do well in the tournament, but they are not a dominant team, they turn the ball over way too much and go through long spells of not scoring. Illinois plays everyone tough.

TEXAS + 3.5 @ Texas A&M
Rick Barnes has owned this rivalry. In fact he owns all rivalries in the state of Texas. The longhorns don’t play defense but Augustine will make up the difference.

SETON HALL -1 @ Rutgers
The pirates are quietly on a roll. I guess you could say the same thing about Rutgers beating Pitt and Villanova, but Seton Hall is a better team, thus the ceiling is higher.

NEBRASKA +4.5 @ Missouri
Five players suspended from Missouri, including their best player, Hannah. They will only have 6 scholarship players. They will be without 40 points/game and roughly 50% of all made 3 pointers are gone. Plus, Nebraska aint bad (except when playing Kansas).

The rest of my picks;

This game has a lot of interesting twists and thing should be hopping in Morgantown, where West Va will be pissed after losing to the Hoyas. The Bearcats will not be without their motivation either.

KANSAS -7 @ Kansas state
I think Beasley probably deserves National player of the year recognition. He is posting similar numbers to Kevin Durant last year. But, it will take more than Beasley and Walker to pull off this upset. Kansas is too deep and too good.

HOUSTON +9 vs. Memphis
I am not calling for the upset here, but Memphis has been showing some chinks in the armor recently. The cougars have guards who will penetrate and can hit the open shots. Houston gives Memphis a scare tonite.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rollover Tide

Two games from Money tonite.

VCU +4 @ George Mason
I will take the points in this game. It should be a close throughout the entire game.

TENNESSEE -4.5 @ Alabama
The Tide have ruled this rivalry at home, but they are not very good this year and the streak will end tonite.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Big Monday

Not a lot of action out there today, but lets look at a few good options.

Louisville +1.5 vs UConn. Two teams playing well, but UConn is ready for a letdown, and as we have been saying, Louisville is an Elite 8 team.

Santa Clara +2 vs USF. Don's Suck and the Broncos have had their number even at Memorial!

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony
102-84-2 ytd.

By the way, I will make an effort to not pick 18 games in one day again. That was only 11 percent of the games that were out there, but too hard to win more than 11 or 12 of those.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday games

UMASS +3 vs. Xavier
Xavier is due for a letdown

MICHIGAN +16 @ Michigan state
Both teams are improving, but this is too many points

VANDERBILT +6 @ Florida
This is almost a must win for Vanderbilt. I don't think the Gators will play with the same intensity.

MARYLAND +4.5 vs. Duke
Don't pay any attention to me on this one. I love betting against Duke. Some day when coach K is dead, this theory will work well for me.