Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Hoops Talk

Money, has been a fantastic writer, and as the creator of this site, I will never say anything derogatory about him! However, the last few nights of picks have not been his best. But, in true Money Spirit, one of our most loyal readers figured this out early, and has been making a killing on the Money Picks!

B. Anthony, loves days like today, and I have several picks, even though a few of them may contradict Money!

As Always MEMPHIS-9.5 vs Houston. This is a statement game. I stand by my assertion they will be undefeated into the Final Four! Houston really is the only challenge in Conf. USA, and Calipari wants both teams to know that there is a huge gap in talent. Here. Expect focused basketball and a blow-out. The biggest problem for Houston is they need to go up and down to be effective, but they are looking for trouble if they try to run with the Tigers!

Kent State -5 at Eastern Michigan. The class of this league will continue to win, even on the road!

The Drake -4.5 vs Creighton. The battle this weekend versus Southern Illinois not only tired them out, but it exposed some weaknesses. Look for Drake to pull this one out down the stretch.

Miami OH -5 vs Northern Illinois. Northern Illinois is the worst team in a mediocre league. Miami has played several good teams and has solid post play.

oh, By the way, I guess I need a few dogs. I just noticed a trend developing.
Out of left field, I am going to take the following teams.

UMass +5.5 vs Duquense. I really like Duquense, but their early start has helped the scouting report of other teams. UMass always improves throughout the season, take the points.

St. Johns +10 vs Georgetown. Back in the 80's, Carneseca would have made this game close. Now it is just the ugly ball that the Johnnies play that will keep it single digits!

Kansas St +7 vs Kansas. I know that KU is a much better team, but this is the biggest thing in Manhattan, ever!!!!! Take the points!

Good Gaming
103-85-2 ytd
B. Anthony


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