Saturday, January 26, 2008

Huge Saturday.

With over 110 games on today's docket, it is nearly impossible to limit yourself down to accurate plays, and not to get overly stretched if you are watching hoops all day long. I have limited down to 18 games that you should look at. I will rate these as I list them, and I suggest that the 3* and 2* plays should be your picks, and only mix in the 1* plays if you want some small action.

Pacific time for all games, listed Chronologically.

9:00 AM:

Notre Dame +2 at Villanova. I am taking the opposite side here from Money. I think Villanova is overrated as well, and Notre Dame's big post play by Haragody will be the difference. 1*

Memphis -12.5
vs Gonzaga. You know where I stand here. Memphis at home as a #1 team for the first time in 30 years. A lot of enthusiasm and too much athleticism. 3*

10:00 AM

vs Indiana. Take the points in this made for TV battle. 2*

Kansas -23 vs Nebraska. Another blow-out. 3*

11:00 AM

Oklahoma State +1.5 vs Texas AM. Cowboys are good at home Texas A&M is young and reeling after the 5 overtime loss. 2*

12 Noon

Washington +9 vs Arizona. 2*

Louisville -16
vs St. Johns. This team is on the rise again, they will be back in the top 10 by the end of the year. 3*


Boston College -5
vs Va Tech. BC is playing well, Va tech is not. Lay the juice! 2*

Baylor -5 v
s Oklahoma. Minus Blake Griffin, Sooners will be just a little soft to pull this out. 1*

Purdue pick
vs Wisconsin. Take the home team even if they are young. 1*


VCU -16
vs Drexel. Blowout special, 3*

Kansas St. -13 v
s Iowa State. Beasley is back on the rise and Walker will help. They are due for a blow-out highlight reel win! 2*

BYU -5 vs New Mexico. Lobos are a terrible road team. I never bet on the Mormons, but this is a good opportunity. 2*


Depaul +13
vs Marquette. Marquette is struggling and Dominic James is shooting 28 % again. Take the points! 3*


USC +4
at Oregon. This is a streaky team that is hot. Play them while they are in the flow. 3*

Creighton +3.5
at Southern Illinois. Big Rivalry game, but Creighton is better. This line is skewed by the tournament history of the Salukis. 3*


St Mary -9 v
s USF. Ugly game at Memorial. Don's really are a bad team. 2*

UCLA -17 vs
Oregon St. Mismatch. Just watch the blowout and enjoy. 2*

Good Luck. I know this is a ton of games, but what the hell, it is a big day. Roll them together, or just watch hoops all day long !

B. Anthony
ytd 92-76-2


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