Monday, January 21, 2008

B. Anthony Returns for Big Monday

The first Big Monday of the year is here, and let's get a little political and honor Martin Luther King Jr. by playing all the TV games and staying inside out of the bad weather.

By the way, if you check the archives, Memphis who was picked to be undefeated on this site, is well on their way to 30-0 going into the tournament.

Tonight's games.

Syracuse +12 vs Georgetown. Too many for a rivalry game that the Orange men will be ready to play!

Texas -3 vs OSU. The Cowboys are very good at home, but Texas is clearly more talented and ready to put together and impressive Road Win.

WCC Love-

3 WCC games on TV tonight, what does this mean? It means the rest of the country must not be playing!!!

USF +20 vs Gonzaga. I don't like the Dons, but Eddie Sutton on TV, he won't get embarrassed!

St. Mary's -26 vs Loyola Marymount. Speaking of embarrassing, my man Rodney Tension and Calvin Byrd have their hands full coaching this team at LMU, they are going to get blitzed tonight!

Pepperdine +9 vs SCU. I don't like Pepperdine, and their coach is extremely over confident. However, a penetration team is not what Santa Clara wants to see. They lost to Cal St. Stanislaus who plays this same style with less talent. Is it possible to have less talent than Pepperdine. Regardless, take the points!

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony
ytd 79-69-2


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