Monday, January 14, 2008

Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma!

I have seen enough games now to know who the contenders are;
Kansas, UCLA, Memphis, and North Carolina.

I also have good idea who the frauds are as well;
Texas, Vanderbilt, Villanova, Oregon.

This does not mean that the contenders will make the final four, nor does it mean that the pretenders won't. It does mean that given a chance to bet against the frauds, I will. Why are they frauds? Because my good friend Ken Pomeroy and his defensive efficiency ratings tell me so. The frauds are good teams, ranked in the top 25 that don't play defense. This will come back and bite them and limit their chances of severely making a deep run in the tournament.

I do have a group of teams that are sleepers now, but won't be for much longer. Oklahoma is one of them. They play the Jayhawks tonite who are terrific. But the sooners have some big boys who can bang down low and the perimeter players to keep this game competitive. I will take the points in this game tonite.

OKLAHOMA +15 @ Kansas


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