Monday, January 07, 2008

Money’s going with the underdog tonite

One last game in the college football season. Frankly, I am ready to put this sport to bed. The BCS games were horrible. Georgia played the varsity Saint Francis High School team, and the legendary Rose Bowl game was a total bore, unless you took USC and the over in EACH quarter.

I entered four pools and was near the top in most of them but did not finish in the money, so this betting season was a total failure for me. I did beat my 8 year old son though, so it was not a total wash, and Penny made some good money hedging her 8 team parlay.

Tonite I am taking The Ohio State University +3.5. The line is going down, which I don’t like, but I still like OSU. They were embarrassed last year and are in the same situation this year with a 51 day layoff. They do a great defense and running game and Tressel will make the most of these assets to control the game.

Tressel has been giving his team media clips from across the nation bad-mouthing OSU and how they should not be in the title game. Good move. The Buckeyes will play with a chip on their shoulder. In the battle of coaches, I am going with Tressel in this one. Miles is a clown. Plus, LSU is not as good as everyone thinks.

Looking for more action? Tie this game to the NFL playoffs this weekend in a five team parlay

OSU +3.5
SEAHAWKS +8 – Seattle is actually pretty good.
JAGS +13 – The Jaguars are so physical. They will beat up Brady and Maroney.
COLTS -9 – San Diego is overrated. Gates is hurt. Rivers will have to play another great game, which won’t happen against this great Colts defense.
GIANTS +7.5 – I still don’t trust Eli. This is more of an anti-Cowboys bet. They are falling apart now.


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