Friday, December 14, 2007

Calm before the Storm

Starting Tomorrow there will be many college hoops games to pick, and B. Anthony is prepping for Saturday morning.

Friday's Game 2*

Drake -2.5 vs Iowa. Just to solidify there year, they will go to Iowa and beat a middle of the pack Big 10 team on the road!

Lines are not out yet, but here are some possible teams we will look at for Saturday.

Blow-out specials- We will need to check the lines:

Marquette over Sac. State
West Virginia over Maryland Baltimore-County (probably no line)
Texas over Texas San Marcos (probably no line)
Memphis over Middle Tenesse
VCU over Longwood
UCLA over Idaho St
Arkansas Little Rock over Florida International

Dogs or surprise Winners:

UAB over Kentucky
Texas Tech over New Mexico
Ohio +15 or more vs Kansas
Southern Illinois over St. Louis (probably a route)
Ill-Chicago over Depaul

Good Gaming
55-47-2 ytd
B. Anthony


Blogger B. Anthony said...

best bets for Saturday

Uab +6

Arkansas little rock -12

Ohio +19

southern ill -4.5

Ill-chicago +5

blowouts are all too big a number but Marquette is probably best one

8:03 AM  

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