Tuesday, December 04, 2007


If you are a true NCAA hoops lover, you will cry when they replay Jimmy Valvano's speech again this year during the Jimmy V Classic. For that matter, we all ought to take a little time each day to laugh, cry, and think deeply! Jimmy V forever.

As far as the hoops there will be some outstanding talent on the floor!!!

Memphis -7.5 vs USC. Mayo and Jefferson can keep up the Memphis for a while, but they don't have enough fear! The waves will keep coming, and the highlights will be great. Jefferson may be a higher draft pick the Mayo by the end of the year, but Memphis is much deeper. They will eventually pull away for good and make this a double digit win!

Kansas St. +6 vs Notre Dame. This is just too many points for Beasley on a big stage. He will get 30 and it will be a 3-5 point game down the stretch. Take the points!

Boston College -8.5 vs St. Louis. I don't care what Majerus does as a coach, this is a blow out. St. Louis sucks, no good players, period........

New Mexico + 1 vs New Mexico State . Huge rivalry game, but New Mexico has much more talent, they will overcome the come court advantage!

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony
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