Sunday, December 02, 2007

The day after

Tough to watch the NFL after seeing all these great college games. It is such a letdown. I am usually a big NFL guy, but this year has been really boring. I used to revolve my day around these games. Now I find myself going for walks with my wife and reading books at the library. And when there are good games like the Dallas/Green Bay game, they put it on the NFL network instead. Nice!

I like three games today; the Lions +4, Chiefs +6, Az -1

LIONS +4 @ Vikings
Always take the points (when they are over 3) in NFC central games. The Vikings can’t stop the pass which is exactly what Kitna and company will do. I love it that the Vikings are coming off a great win in NY too. The NFL changes dramatically from one week to the next.

CHIEFS +6 vs. San Diego
I said it last week and was wrong, and I will say it again. The Chargers are not very good and should not be getting so many points on the road. Rivers is horrible and Norv Turner has not realized the LT needs to touch the ball more than 20 times. As most of you know, I am not an Alex Smith fan. Here is one guy (Rivers) I would not want and consider lucky having Smith as my QB. The only reason I am saying this is because Smith hurt and not playing.

ARIZONA -1 vs. Browns
Another buy low, sell high example here. The cardinals coming off a loss to the lowly Niners should rebound here against America’s darling, the Browns. I do like this Cleveland team though. How good is Derek Anderson?

I have a buffalo kind of feeing here with the Sean Taylor death. The funeral is not until tomorrow, so the Redskins are likely still grieving and not ready to play football yet. Buffalo has been a great team to bet on this year.

Buffalo +6 is a good one, but it is tough to call.


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