Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Monday, Not Big Monday Yet!

B. Anthony is waiting for the days when Monday night will give you a host of games, tonight there are very few!

Washington - 22 vs Long Beach State! Route at home, not a fair match for the new young team, lay the points.

Biggest game of the year in the Southern League. Davidson at Appalachian State. I really want to play Appy State at home, but we are going to count on the fact that Davidson was sleep walking vs Western Michigan their last time out. Lay the points.

Davidson -4.5 vs Appy st.

Have fun.

B. Anthony

Ytd. 23-19


Blogger Money said...

B. Anthony,
Now that you are going against App State, they probably pull this one out. Davidson may look ahead to the Duke game on Saturday?

How has stephen curry been handling his injury?

2:21 PM  

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