Monday, November 19, 2007

Solid Success

B. Anthony only has a few minutes for you this morning, but that is enough time to make some good picks. First, let's congratulate Money for some very accurate prognosticating the last few days.

If you saw the first 10 minutes of Memphis vs Connecticut, you now know why I am raving about this team. They will have some explosions with that pressure, that will make teams look silly.

Tonight's play fall into more of my rules that are yet undefined.

Utah -10 vs Santa Clara. Santa Clara is just not very good, some of my subscribers were able to play against them on Saturday vs Nevada, but I wasn't able to post this. Utah has been playing well, and SCU has 2 victories against Division II opponents. Lay the points. This is the end of a 3 game road trip for the Broncos.

Winthrop +2 vs Baylor. Both teams are playing well, but I am banking on the experience and the confidence that Winthrop has. Baylor is satisfied with the last 2 wins, and was not expecting to win 3 games this week.

Good Luck,

B. Anthony

14-11 ytd


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