Friday, November 09, 2007

College Gameday from Berkeley!

This is such a depressing game, yet I will still be in attendance. At one point, there was talk that the winner of this game would go to the national championship game and the loser to the Rose Bowl. Combined these teams now have 5 losses. Things have gotten so bad that ESPN College Gameday has decided to go to Division III schools for coverage of the Amherst/Williams game. Not kidding.

I expect USC to come into town and show the Bears how superior their athletes are. Pete Carroll is the kind of coach that will rip your heart out and punch you in the face at the same time. That is the type of coach I dream about for Cal. We get Tedford. A nice balding coach who turned around a pathetic program and gave us a consistent top 25 program. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

When you look at Cal players and compare them to USC, the Bears are not that far off. USC just has more of them. 5 years from now, we will be watching NFL games with tons of Cal players from this year and last year’s team running around making huge impacts in the game. Cal has great players and nothing to show for it, except a crappy Holiday Bowl game last year and an Emerald Bowl (fingers crossed) game in SF. Pathetic.

I blame Longshore, who sucks, and Tedford who doesn’t recognize that and is pissing away the best talent he will ever have at Cal. USC will likely win this game (with ease), but since I have completely written off the Bears this year, they probably pull off a meaningless upset. Thanks for nothing.

College games:
UCONN +6 @ Cincinnati
Nobody respects this spunky little football team except Money. They don’t turn the ball over.

ILLINOIS +17 @ Ohio state
Unfortunately, it does not look like OSU will lose this year. They are not worthy of the #1 BCS seed, but they will get it. I am really impressed with their strong list of victories; Youngstown state, Akron, Washington, Northwestern, Minnesota, Kent state. WOW!

MISS STATE +5 vs. Alabama
Huge hangover effect for Saban’s (pig) team this week. Take the MONEYline.

PURDUE -4 vs. Michigan state
The start of the yearly second half collapse for MSU.

AIR FORCE -2.5 @ Notre Dame
I love watching Notre Dame football. I love watching them fall down. I love watching the chilled snot come out of Charlie Weiss’ nose. America loves Notre Dame, but in reality they really suck, and so does UCLA for losing to them.

NFL games:
BROWNS +10 @ Steelers
The Browns can score. Derek Anderson is a very good quarterback. This rivalry game will be close.

RAMS +12 @ New Orleans
I expect the Rams to cover, but I hope they don’t win. The Saints are my survivor pick this week. They will be rested, healthy, and hungry for their first victory.

SAN DIEGO +3.5 vs. Colts
A loss will not sit well with either team and they both are coming off one. Indy is traveling across the country. I’ll take LT in this one.

49ers +10 @ Seattle
It should be noted that these are two really bad teams. The niners are still trying and match up well with Seattle. They will still lose though. Alex Smith needs to go away. We picked the wrong year to have the number one pick in the draft. Isn’t it great knowing that this year’s first round pick goes to New England! Just what the Patriots need.


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Your picks are looking like money!!!! I hope the Niners can make it a clean NFL sweeP!

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