Saturday, October 20, 2007

Where have you been Money?

I have to apologize, as my schedule has been quite busy. Too many kids and too many soccer games to attend coach and hedge.

Classic Money moment: I totally fleeced the other coach at my daughter’s 4 year old soccer game. He did not realize that we have 7 purple horsies on the field to their 6 super yellow bunnies. We kicked their ass 7-2.

So all our games are rained out today, and Coach Money is already drunk and on the coach watching football at 8am today. There are some really good college football games on today, so I felt I should take the opportunity to keep my subscribers happy and make a post. It should be noted, that I have lost 90% of my subscriptions (thank you Oski – I received your payment this month), so all calls are coming directly to house, where Penny has been fielding them and giving away my top plays.

I would like to take this moment to thank Jeff Tedford for ruining another Cal football season. You have a red shirt freshman out there who played his heart out and drove the length of the field in under a minute with no timeouts. Kick the field goal hot shot. You just pissed away your "mulligan" on Oregon state at home, where you were favored by 2 touchdowns. Now you must beat UCLA and ASU on the road, and then USC at home. Not to mention finishing off at UW before the "little game" at Stanford. We can no longer call this the Big Game, because Stanford sucks and their stadium only holds 10,000 people. I am booking my ticket right now for the Las Vegas bowl. I bet Cal kicks the crap out of Baylor in that game. What a great season! Thanks again Tedford.

College games today. I love the dogs today.

COLORADO +4 vs. Kansas
Kansas is overrated and terrible on the road. Colorado wins outright today.

TENNESSEE pk @ Alabama
Part of me loves rooting against Nick Saban (prick) and part of me loves Erik Ainge. Can the Niners take a do-over and dump Alex Smith and pick up this guy? Tennessee beats Alabama.

NOTRE DAME +17.5 vs. usc
It should be noted that I am not a Notre Dame. How many times to have we been forced to watch a terrible game on NBC with Dick Enburg mumbling about what a great team the golden domers are as they pound some crappy team like Navy into the ground. I hope they lose, but they will cover. USC is fading fast. I wish Cal could play them now before they get healthy.

WASHINGTON +13.5 vs. Oregon
Upset alert. I am calling for the outright win here. The ducks don’t play well at UW and rarely win; they are banged up at key positions (WR and RB) and will be looking ahead to USC next weekend. I love the points, but don’t need them. The huskies win.

MICHIGAN STATE +18.5 @ Ohio state
Wow. OSU the number 1 team in the country? Nice work Cal. This should be you. OSU has a good defense, but they have not played anyone and will lose by the end of the season knocking them off their perch. They probably won’t lose today, but MSU can keep it close.

For those that have been calling the house for my baseball picks, you know that I have been a Rockies fan and called for them to win the NL Pennant with about a week left in the season. Additionally, you know I am a big Indians fan this season as well. Don’t lose the faith on the Indians. They are a great team, much better than Boston. They have better starting pitching, a better bullpen, a better offense and better hats. If they don’t win tonite, which I think they will, they close it out in game 7 to play against the Rockies in the world series.

Take every game that makes you sick. This league is crazy
Bills +3
Arizona +8.5
NY Jets +6.5
St Louis +8.5
And even the 49ers +9.5


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good thing college hoops is starting soon!!!!!!

We will be better than ever!!!

B. Anthony

10:16 AM  
Blogger 50 Cent said...

I feel like a fool for still rooting for the Bears. Perhaps with lower expectations they will perform better. That was always my motto...don't show off, don't fall behind.

Root for:

USC to beat Oregon
WASU to beat UCLA
Bears to beat the Sun Devils.

10:29 AM  
Blogger Money said...

50 Cent
I actually think you want USC to lose to Oregon. This of course assumes Cal beat USC though. Cal won't catch Oregon, but will make that road victory look more impressive.

I have all but given up on the Bear.


11:27 AM  

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