Saturday, September 08, 2007

Giddy up: Superbowl pick and other NFL nuggets

It is really easy to pick Florida to win the National championship in basketball. Although it is not real fun either. Plus, every talking head in America does the same. Money prides himself on not taking the front runner, and picking a slightly lesser known team with a fantastic chance to win it all.

Thus, you won’t see Money picking the Patriots, Colts or Chargers winning it all this year. I do think the Colts will be great this year, likely winning 13 games. Manning is simply the best quarterback of this era and is still getting better. Second year RB Addai will get the opportunity to carry the load this year full time with the departure of Dominic Rhodes. It may be asking too much of the former LSU Tiger, but if he holds up, they will be good. The Patriots are a machine churning out consistent results week in and week out. The addition of Moss makes this a sexy pick, but I bet Wes Welker outperforms him in both Touchdowns and yardage this year. Nonetheless, it is another target for Brady to spread the ball around and tease opponents with. The Chargers are under tremendous pressure. They win 14 games last year and fire their coach? I don’t care what the relationship was like between GM and coach. If you get that close to the Superbowl, you do everything in your power to bring the same team in tact. Norv Turner is a loser, not a winner. The Chargers won’t win 14 games this year again and won’t come close to the superbowl. Tomlinson will again be unstoppable, but won’t break his own TD record this year, ending up with 24 total touchdowns.

So who is my pick to win the Superbowl? This will make my friend Lukoplakia and Squeaky's dad happy; The Broncos!

While I am a Niners fan at heart, I am a secret admirer of the Broncos. This is the year they put it all together. I am a big fan of second year quarterback Jay Cutler. I think he will have a breakout year. In the last six games of the 2006 schedule only 5 quarterbacks had more TDs than Cutler. I think Travis Henry will run all over opponents, assuming he stays healthy, which is a big assumption. He has played only 16 games once in his six year career. They have the two best cornerbacks in the game and an outstanding, quick defense. They will also be playing with a heavy heart, with the senseless death of Darrent Williams. Their schedule is easy, playing Oakland twice, KC twice, Detroit, Buffalo and Houston on the road, and Jacksonville, Minnesota, GBay, Tennessee and Pittsburgh at home. This is a team that wins 13 games, gets home field advantage and moonwalks into the Superbowl beating whichever mediocre NFC foe shows up, which I will say Philadelphia.

Superbowl pick
Broncos 35 Philly 24

Overrated teams/players
Bengals – so much talent, but completely undisciplined
Chiefs – Playoff team last year. One of the worst teams this year
Jets – Same thing
Chad Johnson WR Cincy – Very funny. I love watching him. However, TJ, his Oregon state teammate outperforms him.
Randy Moss WR NE – He is such a waste. I set the over/under on his TD at 7. I'll take the under too.
Torry Holt WR SL – Like Money, getting old and slowing down
Laurence Maroney RB NE – There is no way this oft injured player is ready to carry the load for the patriots.
Reggie Bush RB NO – This is Money’s son’s favorite player. He will have his ESPN moments, but will largely disappoint.
Marshawn Lynch RB Buf – Should have stayed another year at Cal and helped the Bears win a national title. The Bears do make the Rose Bowl this year though.
Cedric Benson RB Chi– His teammates hate him. He is weak and brittle and will be the first one of the starters to hit the bench.
Drew Brees QB NO– Too small. They had an unbelievable season last year with America backing them. They come down to earth this year, hard.
Vince Young QB Tenn– He is getting so much hype. He has no WRs, and RBs. He is going to get killed
Tony Gonzalez TE KC– He has had a great career and is starting to slow down. Plus, it won’t help that he does not have a capable quarterback throwing him the ball.

Underrated teams/players
Seattle – Too many injuries last year.
Rams – A lot of talent. Will make the playoffs this year.
Falcons – They still suck, but they have a good defense and are not the worst team in the league.
Texans – This team will win some games and make a difference
Santonio Holmes WR Pitt – Money’s breakout player this year. 10 total touchdowns.
Andre Johnson WR Houston – Better QB to improve on his impressive underrated numbers last year.
TJ Houshmandzade – He will outperform Ocho Cinco
Deangelo Williams RB Carolina – By the end of the year, he will be starting and among the top 10 RBs.
Maurice Jones Drew RB Jax – With Garrard at QB, they will run. Taylor will get hurt and the Jags will introduce the MJD show. 15 total touchdowns.
Ladell Betts RB Was – Better numbers than Michael Vick’s ally, Clinton Portis.
Brian Westbrook RB Philly – After LT, the most impactful running back in the league.
Jay Cutler QB Denver – Primed for a big year. Money is hitching his wagon to this guy.
Donovan McNabb QB Philly – I think he will stay healthy and be the third best QB, behind Manning and Brady.
Vernon Davis TE Niners – This guy will pick up a lot of foolish celebratory penalties and won’t make any friends, but boy, is he good.

Picks for the weekend
Steelers -4.5 over the BROWNS
Charlie Frye and the Browns will do little against the steelers.

TEXANS -3 over KC
Larry Johnson is not ready for prime time yet and this KC team is horrible.

Last thing;
College football prediction – Wisconsin wins the national championship


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