Thursday, April 26, 2007

Get on the Roll!

B. Anthony has narrowly escaped on several occasions, but 8-0 is well.... good! Let's take a look at the next games. Game 3 is when teams will really fight for their lives, and dominant teams will take control. I will continue to be judicious and not pick too many games.

Home dogs will be the call for this group of games.

Lakers +4, this pains me to say but they will win a game in this series, and it will be tonight. Kobe does get 50 tonight!

Magic +2. I am still a believer in Dwight Howard, and even though they lose in 5 games, tonight is a sign of the future success in Orlando.

Friday night-

Heat -5.5 at home. They will get a big bounce back win and show the heart of a veteran champion. Plus, the home cooking will be helpful.

Warriors vs Mavs- No line yet, but I am taking the over again. My guess is that is will be 212 and both teams will score 110+
Over 212-215 ( it appears that this game is off the board as of right now) As a warrior fan, the biggest concern is that someone may be suspended after last night's meltdown!

Good Luck

B. Anthony


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