Monday, April 02, 2007

Gator bait

So one by one, Money’s bold predictions have been dying off. Kansas was ousted in the Great 8, Acie Law could not make a lay-up to seal a game sending A&M packing and Arizona will not be cutting down the nets this year. So does Money have any fabulous predictions left?

Florida will not win back to back games. This is becoming more difficult to prove by the minute. As B. Anthony said, Florida is getting better with each game. We may not have seen their best game yet. Scary thought.

But the Buckeyes are no pushover themselves. I’ll admit, they will need the shooting night of Villanova in ’85 and the “shock the world” mentality of Uconn in ’99 to pull off the victory, but I think it will happen. I have yet to see an “expert” pick Ohio State to win this game.

OHIO STATE +5 vs. Florida
The OSU guards will prove to be too much for Florida. Taurean Green had 24 points when these two teams played in December and this won’t happen again. Lewis and Conley go off, Oden finally stays out of foul trouble and we finally see the real first round draft pick. Florida crumbles in their “shining moment” and Donovan takes the job at Kentucky to boot.

OSU 71 – Florida 68


Blogger maia said...


How sad. What will you do now that college basketball is over? I'll read your blog more regularly if you blog about baseball (especially Noah Lowry). Either way, I'm glad 50 cent won't be taking your advice -- did he tell you that he picked 10(!) games in a row! I'm so proud and I'm already shopping for my special March Madness present.

9:01 PM  
Blogger Money said...

Yes this is sad, but lucky for us, baseball has started. Too bad the Giants will be fighting for last place this year. I will make sure to post lots of Noah pictures to keep you interested.

10 wins in a row is a lot, but behind every good run, there is an equally impressive negative run as well. :)

8:55 AM  

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