Friday, March 23, 2007

Picking Winners!

Did someone say this was easy? I guess that is why they have point spreads, and huge casinos where every owner is making money hand over fist.

What did we learn last night? Kansas showed that they are a complete team with the victory last night. The game plan in the second half, don't play team ball, just drag the Salukis to the hoop, worked! They keep finding ways to win in the face of adversity.

Understatement of the year "Brandon Rush is pretty effective." 6 for 6 from the floor!

UCLA is good enough to get back to the final, but I still don't think it will happen.

Memphis and Ohio State are 33-3 for a reason. They know how to win, no matter who they are playing, who is hurt, who is in foul trouble, etc...

By the way, I know Dorsey is huge, but does anyone else think he should be wearing his jersey at the end of the game instead of a wife-beater t-shirt!?

Oh, and the other thing we learned is that it is difficult for favorites to cover big spreads as the tournament goes on.

Today's winners straight up.

Florida, Georgetown, UNC, UNLV

Today's Winners ATS-

Game 1. Butler +10.5
Game 2. Vanderbilt +8
Game 3. UNLV +3
Game 4. USC + 8

Let's keep this simple. Take the points.

Game 1- Florida doesn't need to play 40 minutes to win, so they won't. They win the game, but not by double digits.

Game 2. Vanderbilt will hit enough 3's to stay in the game, and the last one will get the spread to 4-6 points, Georgetown wins, but no cover. Hibbert and Green can score inside, and defend the paint, but they can't block 3-pointers from 10 feet away!

Game 3. Lon Kruger is a much better coach than Ernie Kent. Period! They win outright. They have been tested in the last 2 games!

Game 4. Too many points for UNC to cover. Rayshawn Terry is sick, he will try to play, but will take a few ill advised shots and will forget to cover the 3 point shooters from USC. Pruitt and Young will make the shots that keep this game close. By the way, Tim Floyd can prepare a team. Roy Williams will count on his superior athletic ability and size, but the double teams will take Hansborough out of his game. UNC wins on the put back lay-ups and dunks by Brandon Wright.

Dog Friday!

B. Anthony


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