Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Whoa Nellie!

Everyone in the NBA is trying to tamper with College basketball. Why is it important to talk to Greg Oden or Kevin Durant. I think these guys should spend more time trying to rig the lottery results!

I have been told that the NIT is not for gaming, and my performance last night shows it. B. Anthony has done the math for his last few days in the NCAA and NIT tournaments. His once proud numbers are dropping.

My last few posts have netted 2-0 in NIT followed by 13-18-1 in NCAA first round, 3-5 on Sunday and 1-3 yesterday. Please see our earlier notes about opposite betting. This leaves B. Anthony with the following record.

(118-100-4 Down to 54.1%)

Let's pick some more games anyway. We are do for a comeback!

Mississippi State -6.5 vs Florida State. Take the home team, why not! This has been the trend and these games are big as winners are going to NYC to enjoy The Garden!

NC State +5.5 vs West Virginia. You have to stick with a team that consistently covers and wins as a dog. Great story, great sports coat, just plain great!

Utah Jazz-7.5 vs Warriors. Just when you think the Warriors are decent, maybe they can make the playoffs, they will get smoked!


B. Anthony


Blogger robinhaywar said...

B.A. if you are a friend of Money's then you are my amigo too.
I think the jazz are all out of rhythm (ha ha ha) I could beet Boozer at a game of Hoarse--blindfolded (my blindfolded, not him)

7:00 PM  

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