Saturday, March 10, 2007

Big Four

These four games are traditionally a preview of the final four teams, and this year is no different. This week Money and I will pick every game in the first round before we head to Vegas for some hands on work. Florida is starting to flex its muscles, and UNC is doing the same. I only believe one of these teams is for real.

Sunday's Winners:

NC State +15vs UNC 10am. As I have said, this team continues to cover and win. They have earned a birth, and they will do their best to make Jim Valvano proud. They may not win, but they will definitely cover this line. If I am going to be bold, I will tell you it will likely be under as well. NC State plays old school hoops. Final score.... 73-66 UNC. (NC State and Under 147.5)

Florida -9 vs Arkansas 10am. Florida continues to roll. They are in the midst of a run they will take them to the final four. Arkansas has made a run to save the job of coach Stan Heath. This one is going to be a big win for Florida. 80-60.

Watch these games carefully, because there will only be 5 or 6 more games in the college careers of Oden and Durant. These two super human college basketball players are both awesome and a breath of fresh air. You won't see a lot of self promotion or chest thumping, but these guys can play and they hate to lose. They will battle in their conference championship games, and lead their teams on a run in the tournament. Durant is the better player, but he cannot overcome the terrible coaching of Rick Barnes. Oden, will dominate the paint for the next 12 years, but only about 3 more weeks in college.

Texas +7 vs Kansas noon. This will be an epic battle. Texas has to shoot great and Durant needs 39 for his team to win. He will get 36, but they will still cover in a game that goes up and down. These teams will have plenty of energy to play offense, but not enough to play defense. The over is the best play here, but with no defense being played, I like the dog to hit a few late shots and keep it with in 5. Finals Score, 83-80 Kansas wins. (Play Texas and the over 145)

Ohio State -2 vs Wisconsin 12:30. As earlier stated, Ohio State will be led by Oden. It would be nice to believe we will see a lot of big Greg, but it won't happen. This program is counting on a final four run because Oden will only be here once. This will be a slugfest, and when it comes down to it, no one will score but OSU will pull it off. Ugly but effective, kind of like Oden's beard and intimidation. Take the Under 120 with OSU. 54-48

B. Anthony
95-74-3 ytd (Wsu loss added, it wasn't over yet when I last posted)


Anonymous doubledown said...

b anthony-

great call on the texas game, both the score and what durant was going to score you nailed. nice call on how bad barnes is also. how in the world does he not give the ball to durant at the end of that game? he even called a t.o. and didnt give it to him, when he should have not called a time out, let them play and let durant just take it to the whole without kansas setting up their defense after the timeout. insane..I mean, he is the best player in the country, he has over 30 points in the game, he is on your team barnes. give him the ball to decide what to do with it..its science..

10:44 PM  

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