Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Focus

B. Anthony got awfully excited yesterday and found himself picking and following every game. Actually, 25 out of the 45 available, were watched carefully (14-9-2 if you want to know). I am working on limiting my exposure today and helping you all continue to win money. Another solid day, but let's get on to what yesterday tells us about the NCAA tournament.

1. Anything can happen, if Cal can beat UCLA and Louisville can blow a 17 point lead and still get the double OT blowout.

2. These tournament don't really mean that much. I think coaches know that 3-4 tough games in a row will tire their team out. If Florida runs through the SEC tourney, they really are the best team in the country, like we have said all year. If not, Big Baby will be dancing again as he leads an improbable run for LSU into the tournament and beyond.

Well, how about some winners?

Favorite Play

WSU pick vs USC. I had not yet seen a line here when I picked this, but now that it is even, I really like it. This Cougar team is just a very solid team that wins, and they will win this tournament. (8:20pm PST)

Morning Games

Florida State +11 vs UNC. Hansborough will be out of sorts,beccause of the broken nose. Thornton will go for 40 points, because he is that good. This will be close for most of the game. Take the points. (9:00am PST)

Kansas -11 vs Oklahoma. This will be a route. A rested team that is trending towards the overall #1 seed in the tournament. Watch for the highlight reel. (9:30am PST)

Mid-Morning and Mid-Day

Boston College -6 vs Miami Florida. The Hurricanes shot their wad yesterday. Boston College has some good experienced players and they will get it done early, often, and late in this game to win by double digits. (11:20am PST)

Texas A&M -8 vs Oklahoma State. This is just a mismatch. Oklahoma State can not win this game and likely they will roll over and play dead after a futile effort for the first 25 minutes! (4:00pm PST)

Added Game, Line is moving

LSU -3 vs Mississippi. Everyone loves Big Baby, and for good reason. He will get another 25 points and 15 boards tonight in a win. This line was -1 when I first saw it, and is moving. Take the Tigers. (6:45pm PST)

We will be back with a post later in the day for the evening games, this will be a good start.

Possible leans for the evening (George Washington -3, Oregon-5, Virginia Tech -8) Wait for the next post as things may change.

B. Anthony
(90-66-3 ytd)


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