Thursday, March 08, 2007

We are close enough

The new theory on the street is that once you are with in a week of your departure date to Vegas, you can start gambling from home, and you aren't breaking any of your previously unbreakable rules. I mean, we might as well be in Vegas. Next week, when I will be sitting in front of a TV for 48 straight hours, running back and forth from the Sportsbook Line and the hotel room to check stats on the laptop to make halftime bets, I will be spending about as much time thinking about hoops as I am now!

Today is really the beginning of chaos. There are so many games on the docket today that are lined and ready for us. (45 to be exact) Realize that next week their will be 16 games on Thursday and we will bet all 16 of them. So we are showing great restraint when we only pick 5-8 games out of 45. Plus, how do you expect that average male to get through the first part of the work day from 9am-2pm with out betting the Big East and ACC tourney.?

On to the winners:

Florida State Pick vs Clemson. Al Thorton, best player on the court, make it simple. Plus, 9am game!

Villanova +5 vs Georgetown. Okay, Scottie Reynolds is good, this 'Nova team has a lot of experience, and they are now used to MSG at 12noon. This is a good first half play as well if you are greedy. Georgetown will wake up in the 2nd half, but this game will be close. Take the 5!

Louisville -3.5 vs West Virginia. Rick Pitino, Genius. Team is peaking, big run in both tourney's is inevitable!

NC State +9.5 vs Duke. Rivalry game, Duke is missing Henderson, soon to be their best player. NC State will slow the tempo and both teams will foul a lot. Take the points and enjoy cheering against Duke.

Blow-out Special

Memphis -21 vs Marshall. My crush on this team continues. They have only burned me once. Watch the highlight reel for Dorsey ripping off the rim. "Send it in, Jerome!"

Many, Many others. I am showing ridiculous restraint. Plan on a follow up afternoon post.

B. Anthony
(85-64-1 ytd) Bounce back day


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OUCH!!! Not sure I've seen a first half call go so far the other way. What are you chasing with?????

10:00 AM  
Blogger B. Anthony said...

2nd half play on Nova. They covered it easy. Oh well.

11:39 AM  

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