Sunday, March 04, 2007

Get well Sunday

DUKE +10 @ North Carolina
All signs point to a North Carolina blowout. Take Duke

FLORIDA -8.5 vs. Kentucky
At some point, Florida starts playing like Florida again. Today is the day.

BOSTON COLLEGE +7 @ Georgia Tech
This game means a lot to Ga Tech and very little to BC. Money is going opposite of his picks today, so you won’t have to.

VIRGINIA TECH -6.5 vs. Clemson
Va Tech will be ready to go after a humiliating loss to Virginia the other night.

OLD DOMINION -4.5 vs. George Mason
George Mason was such an entertaining story last year. Not so much this year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

cumon money, are you too busy gazing at pictures of bill self, chalmers and wright? get a hold of yourself. you knew the winners of those picks today. you even said it in your blog. unc in a blow out, gt needs it and mason wants to prove something.. going opposite in march? that is amatuer hour baby..

10:51 PM  

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