Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Terrible Tuesday

The hours are passing slowly in anticipation of Selection Sunday and the sojourn to Vegas for the greatest weekend of the year. As the end of the season draws near, teams are starting to show their true colors. Unfortunately for all the SCU Bronco fans, their team puckered up the old corn hole and couldn't win one of two in the south against LMU or Pepperdine. This is not a good sign, as they will now have to face rival St. Mary's in the semi-final and then likely be emotionally exhausted heading into the final Gonzaga match-up. I am rooting for them, but my confidence in waining.

In addition to teams showing their real worth, the trends are tracking steady. The Hangover trend has started to overtake the revenge trend. Another trend that B. Anthony will take advantage of today is travel in the smaller conferences. The Horizon league, has the first stage of its conference tournament tonight. This league is really only a two team race, so some of these teams may really just be hoping for the season to end. The trick will be determining if the visitors will have any energy left after a long bus ride.

See the low profile winners below: Horizon League Tournament

Wisconsin GB -7.5 vs Cleveland St. Cleveland St. had their last hurrah beating Youngstown St. last week. This is a conference tourney play in game, where the bottom six teams compete to just qualify for the 6 team tournament this weekend. This road trip will not be good on the back or the knees for Cleveland St. These teams have already played twice this season, and both games were 13 point victories for Wisconsin Green Bay. This is a trend that will continue.

Wisconsin Milwaukee + 8 vs Illinois Chicago. These two teams have both won the home match-up this year, so this is the tie breaker. I give the edge here to Wisc. Mil because of the points. IL-Chicago is playing well and just won a great battle on Saturday against Loyola. This game just took too much out of them. They will likely win tonight because they are at home, but not by 8 or more points. Take the Dog!

Rivalry game for my Job!

Michigan +2 vs Michigan State. Tommy Amaker was one of a very select few Duke players that I liked. He has not proved much as a coach, and really is likely not mean enough or dirty enough to recruit Detroit. However, he has a great chance to steal a victory from Michigan State tonight. If he can get this win, he may save his job as well.

Michigan St. had a huge week last week, and assured themselves a tourney bid. This team is ripe for a let down. There is no doubt even the last man on the bench had some friends with new benefits this weekend. The arena in Michigan will be loud and it will be a senior night for the 4 leading scorers on the Wolverines. This team will claw their way to victory. As they said in the classic movie Red Dawn, "Wolverines!"


B. Anthony
(71-54-1 ytd)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do like the Michigan pick, as home cooking in big games generally is the difference between winning and losing. MSU was in the exact same positon last week v Wisconsin, at home, v a better team, needing to win for their tourney life, and the home crowd put them over the top. Last night was more of the same at the Carrier Dome.

However, I do see one striking difference between this Michigan team and MSU or the 'Cuse. Tommie Amaker is no Tom Izzo, and certainly is no Jim Boeheim. In fact, when you look at the history of coaches in college hoops, I see a trend. Blacks simply make better players than they do coaches. Randy Airs, Todd Bozeman, Lorenzo Romar, John Thompson (and his posse of kids), Stan Heath, even Tubby Smith (sure he got a ring with Pitino's kids) but where are the Wildcats now? Black coaches just don't have the intelligence to really break down X's and O's at the same level as their pasty counterparts. All the aforementioned coloreds have put together some nice seasons, but would you bet your lunch money they would prevail in a truly big game over the likes of Coach K, Knight, Boeheim, Monty, Calhoun, etc? Exactly.

But they do make excellent power forwards and limo drivers.

12:07 PM  
Blogger Money said...

Tasteless joke anonymous. Leave comments like these to Tim Hardaway and don't post them on this site.

4:57 PM  
Blogger Money said...

3 for 3! Well done.

7:04 PM  

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