Friday, February 23, 2007

Huge Saturday, Early Ideas

With Money traveling the world, B. Anthony will help to keep you
informed. I will continue to work on my disciplined picking for Saturday.

Some of these teams really do qualify under the rules that we have
laid out here at the Truth, so they need to be included.

Hangover Games:

Virginia Tech -13.5 vs Miami Florida. This game is both a mismatch
for VaTech, and a hangover game for Miami. The Hokies are very good
at home and Miami can only play one good game a week. Virginia Tech is
playing for a top 3 seed in the tournament, and after embarrassing
Boston College, this will be easy. I smell Route !!!

Il Chicago +10.5 vs Loyola Chicago. Classic Hangover, Loyola beat Butler on
Thursday, and will not get up for this game at home. They will win, but only after
being down early and making a comeback. Take the points.

Bounce Back Games:

Florida State -7.5 vs NC State. Florida State needs to recover from their earlier
loss this week, and the Wolfpack is exhausted and dehydrated like their coach.
Watch out for the Chop!

Washington St. -6.5 vs Oregon State. Cougars should have won at Oregon. They
will not mess around with this Beaver team who shot their wad against Washington.
Cougars defense will allow less than 50 points!

What's wrong with this line games:

Boise State +1.5 vs Nevada. This line should be higher, except can you say Trap!
Take Boise at home, they will be playing on Blue Parquet! Every idiot in the gambling
world will look at this and say " Take the #11 team in the country -1.5 against Whom!"
That's why we are on the other side.

Kansas -22 vs Iowa State. I know this line seems really big, but it should be 40. Iowa
State mailed it in years ago, and Kansas is one of the few teams that really is very good!
They also love to beat the hell out of this team, can you say Nebraska?

Many others peak my interest, and I may be back with some late Saturday games, so check
in for the next post!

B. Anthony


Blogger Money said...

I am not a fan of Florida State. Yes, they are desparate, but they have not been the same team, since losing their point guard to a fractured hand.

Va Tech is a team that feeds off of emotion. Not sure I see the emotion for a blowout in this matchup, even though they should.

I like your other picks

1:55 AM  
Blogger B. Anthony said...

Thanks for reading money. Good to see that i went 2-0 on the games you didn't like too much.

12:02 PM  

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