Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Super Tuesday!

ESPN will have these monikers for the rest of the year, so let's continue to borrow them. B. Anthony is dedicated to bringing knowledge and winners to the Truth! That said, we will search high and low for the best information. One thing for sure, the good teams are starting to separate, and all the other teams are staying close. This means, many dogs will cover, and only a few will dominate and cover. We will find some of both.

My favorite players who will make a difference come tournament time.

K. Durant- Simply a force. He can and will put up 30+ as long as his team is in the tournament. And he will accidentally pull down 15 boards.

Corey Brewer- Silent Killer for this Florida team. His ability to slash will make the difference.

Greg Oden- He is not at his best yet, but will dominate the paint, and any team that cannot score close to the basket, does not win. Buckeyes will advance a long way because he does not allow easy buckets.

Alando Tucker- Just a horse. Does it all, doesn't talk smack, and will just give you whatever you need.

Aaron Afflalo & Darren Collison: Great clutch shooter in Afflalo, he will make the big shot, and Collison will find him, penetrate, or steal the ball. He is just a great leader who does what it takes.

Watch for all the players to win games down the stretch, and help cover some shrinking spreads!

The lines are looking tough, but I have put in some significant research to get the following games.

Texas Tech +6.5 vs Texas- This is just a lot of points, and Bob Knight was quoted this week regarding how much he hates the one year and done player. It makes good sense. Durant is now in his second semester and he cannot be ruled ineligible no matter what he does. My guess is that he eats, sleeps, and works out! And that is it. He is a pro, getting ready for the rest of his life. Why would he be going to class? His highest marginal utility is taking care of his body. Knight has a point, and he likely has a defense to slow down this sensation. Take the points.

Northern Iowa +8 vs Bradley- Bradley is improving, and showed that in the bracket buster this weekend. NIU has slipped and got waxed in the second half at Nevada. However, I am a big believer that league games are more competitive than that. This NIU team is a well coached, well established program. I am going to stick with them for one more game to compete, and I am sticking with my guns, that the Dogs are the play.

LSU +7.5 vs Kentucky- Two teams headed in the wrong direction. Neither one of them really knows how to win this year. People are writing off LSU, I am writing them both off. Big Baby will have a good performance and carry his team in a battle to the end. (Note of Caution, Big Baby is likely not playing. This line will move up to 8 or 9, so I will still favor LSU on the fact that they will play hard for their fallen leader)

UNLV -2.5 vs Air Force- This is an important battle out West, and I am going to take one home favorite! The Rebels will keep the Thomas &Mack center rocking after the debacle of an All-Star weekend!

Upon further review, I have to add the new # 1 team in the country.

Wisonsin -1.5 vs Michigan State- This is a trendous battle. But this team has done everything to earn a #1 ranking, they won't piss it away to Izzo. MSU does not have the athletes they usually have, and Drew Nietzel cannot win this game on his own. Wisconsin makes their FT's and holds them off down the stretch. 77-71.

It is a regular occurence that the new #1 will lose their ranking, I don't see that as the case tonight!


B. Anthony
(56-42-1 to date)


Blogger Money said...

I like the Northern Iowa pick. I am not a fan of taking slight road favorites, but I think Wisconsin -1.5 is the right call there as well. Wisconsin is a lot better than Michigan state, which does not have the horses to compete.

Wichita State -1.5 at home is another nice game too.

Good luck!

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