Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A little ESPN bashing

I watch a lot of sports, and when I don’t see the games, I watch the highlights on ESPN. I am not a hugely critical person, but there are some things going on at ESPN that are starting to unnerve me.

My first gripe is non hoops related. Nascar. Yuck. What the hell is Nascar doing on ESPN? I keep hearing about it and to me, it sounds just like hockey, but without the corny Canadian accents.

Dear Nascar,
Please go away, and take Hockey with you.

From Money

I was watching the Michigan/Michigan state game last night and Steve Lavin was calling the game. He and the other announcer started talking about the best “plodders” or centers in the game this year. The first guy on his list was Aaron Gray of Pitt. So I guess, by plodder he means big dopey white guy, but he also included Roy Hibbert of Georgetown who is one of my favorite players this year. Clearly missing from this list was J Noah, G Oden, Big Baby, T Hanborough. I guess they are too good to be mentioned. You could have included McRoberts of Duke, but I guess he is not dopey enough. What bothered me was that he mentioned two guys from Santa Clara, John Bryant, and Sean Dennison. Now, I am not ripping the Broncos, but there is no way these two guys should have been listed among the top (or biggest) centers in the game. Shameless plug for a guy trying to get a job at Santa Clara. The Broncos will be doomed if he goes there. Two good seasons and he is off to the next gig.

Did any of you see Andy Katz going around the Florida player’s dorm rooms? It was kind of creepy. I am not talking about the player’s rooms, or Taureen Green playing video games all day/night long. I was most bothered by Andy Katz and his massive “man-boobs”. Prior to this segment, I really enjoyed listening to his insight, but now, I am not so sure. How can we take this guys’ basketball knowledge so seriously if he can't run a few liners? I am willing to give him another chance, but he is right up there with Phil Mickelson.

One last rant. Digger Phelps and that stupid “Bob Dole” highlighter that he waves around is the most annoying thing in the world. To make it worse, he coordinates his ties with the pen that he carries that day. What a loser.

I feel better now. Here are my picks.

VCU, coming off a loss, is still a bubble team, even at 21-5. They need/will get back on track tonite vs. this lowly team.

I am a big fan of Big Baby, and for that matter, this LSU team. But, they really suck now. They have no point guard and Glen Davis seems ready to stop playing college basketball and enjoy the wealthy boring life that the NBA will provide him.

I love watching all of these ACC teams that continually were dominated both home and on the road by Duke, whip up on a very mediocre Duke team.

WASHINGTON -3 vs. Washington state
I have to go against the B on this one. I like Washington’s passion now. They still have a chance to make the tournament and they realize this game will go a long way towards achieving that goal.

MARQUETTE +2.5 @ Depaul
I am still a big believer in Marquette. They hung around the Hoyas for most of the game on the road but ultimately ran out of gas. McNeal had a poor shooting night, which won’t happen again.


Anonymous NASCAR fan said...

Hey $, I detect a bit of jealousy in your blog regarding NASCAR. Could it be it scares you since it only trails football in ratings. Or maybe you are one of those hippies who drive a toy that runs on corn extract and the salty tears you wipe off your face when grannys pass you on the right.

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