Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I Love this Game!

College basketball is just full of excitement, and who doesn't love the North Carolina v Duke week. I can't wait to call the world famous D. Brown, and hear his North Carolinian Native wife cursing Duke in the background. This level of hatred is why we love college hoops. The 3 year-old daughter and infant will surely always shriek "Go Heeeels"

On that note, Susan B. is looking for a big day with many games. Understand, there are 45+ games on the docket tonight, so 8 games, all with good reasons to play, are not too many! I will give you some categories and times.

Early games, (who are these teams):

UCF-5 (Central Florida, 2nd place team in Conference USA, just coming off a recent embarrassment by Memphis.) They are on the road at a terrible East Carolina, 300 in the country out of 316. Just collect and be happy someone found this game. By rankings and history, the spread here according to B and Sagarin should be 11!

Old Dominion-11.5, again another good team playing the worst team in their league. You will remember that VCU beat Georgia State by 30 on Saturday to give us another win.

Granddaddy of them all:

UNC -4 vs Dukies. Just lay the points and watch for the blow-out at Cameron. I know this never happens, but tell me you want to bet on Duke. They have 1 player who would crack the rotation at North Carolina, and even he (Josh McRoberts) might not be a starter at UNC.

While you are waiting for UNC game or a Parlay:

Kansas St. +10.5 at Kansas- I am a believer in Huggins, I am sure there is a clause in his contract that gives him another 100K if they cover against Kansas!

Clemson -4 vs Florida St.
Hangover game for Florida St. after big win at Duke, and Clemson has revenge on their mind

West Virginia +2.5 at home vs Pitt. I am not a big believer in Pitt, and West Virginia is a great home team that will bury 11+ 3-pointers to win this game.

Late Games to really drill the book:

UNLV -17 vs TCU. This is a bounce back game for UNLV and what do you think the kids from Texas are thinking about while in Vegas!

UCLA-9.5 against USC. My original thought was USC here, but UCLA is going to flex their muscles. The Pac-10 is good, but UCLA is the class of this league. They have Shipp back, and they just beat Oregon by double digits and they are the same team as USC. Screw the rivalry angle and the drunk kicker, and Mozart for that matter. This line should be 14. UCLA 87-70!

Out. Susan B.


Blogger Money said...

Great comments and picks today. I like UNLV and Clemson and may include them as well. I still need to do my research.

I love your comment about Huggins, although I would be tempted to go the other way in that game.

You are adding a lot to The TRUTH. Keep it up!

9:36 AM  

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