Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Its Awesome (not) Baby!

Let me be the first to say, I HATE DICK VITALE! He can single handedly ruin a great game. My mute button is the most used button on my remote control, and he has forced me to watch more games in silence than I care to admit!

Susan B. may be hitting her stride, but will be cautiously optimistic again today. There is a huge board of games, and following a 3-0 night, we don't want to give it back, but this is a chance to get healthy.

As we are watching games, it is common to bet a look ahead game when a favorite is not focused, we will have one of those on Saturday when UNC visits NC state. If we don't get to it on Saturday, look to play the Wolf Pack probably at +9.5 against a UNC team preparing for Duke. For tonight I am going to play some of my "favorite" teams, as well as some of the high profile matchups.

High Profile games-

#1 Florida, will beat a pesky, go back door all day, knock down some 3's, Vanderbilt team, but not by 15 points. Take Vanderbilt +14.5. This line will likely move to 15, so you can wait to make this play. 3***

#2 Wisconsin, needs to just win baby, and I think they can. This is a very tough pick, but I have liked them all year, and Tucker will make the difference. Wisconsin in a pick!2**

#3 UNC- I have never known another high profile coach who leaves his starters in when he is up by 22 with 2 minutes to play. But the UNC boosters love Roy Williams because that is exactly what he does. UNC -25, will push the lead to 30 in the last 2 minutes! 3***

My Favorite or least favorite teams.

VCU-2. They will battle Hofstra, but VCU is the "pride" of this league, not Hofstra. This win will push them to a 3 game lead in conference at 12-0. A good team like this, makes free throws down the stretch. 3***

Stanford -4.5 vs Gonzaga. I don't like either one of these teams, but Stanford is playing great (I will be there to witness it) and Gonzaga cannot defend. Take Stanford and the over 146.5. Stanford 2** Over 3***. Final will be 80-71, Stanford

We are Marshall-10. I do track these teams and they are playing a terrible East Carolina squad. Lay the 10 pts. Marshall 3***

Final games to watch, but maybe not play.( One star if you are a junkie)

UConn is very bad this year and I think this continues. Take Depaul -4 at home. They are a good home team.

Ohio State, one of my favorite teams, is due for a little let down. Take Purdue +3 at home.

I know I got excited, but that is what a gambler needs to do when you have the house's money. Play the 3* plays and make some money!

Out, Susan B.


Blogger Rebecca said...

I love your blog!!!

8:23 AM  
Blogger Money said...

thanks for reading Rebecca.

2:37 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

You are very welcome!!! I will be checking back often and I put a link on my site.

6:45 PM  

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