Thursday, January 25, 2007

Roll with Winners!

Despite the doubting Thomas's out there, games can be won even if you don't know the mascot! I will get directly to the games as that is why we read Susan B.

***Long Beach State +2. The wrong team is favored here, just take the money.

** Northern Arizona -6. They are the class of these league and will show it early

** Blowout special. Washington State -16.5 will suffocate Oregon State, another embarassing loss.

**Clemson +6.5. I know all of you hate Duke as much as I do, except maybe Caldbeck!

*USC +1.5. Speaking of hating teams! Let's go with the quick team against the slow, get every foul call, Stanford team!

You can look forward to a running tally of Susan B Anthony's picks.


Blogger Money said...

You really like Northern Arizona. You seem to bet on them every time they play. I love the USC call, but I disagree with your blowout special. Oregon state will keep this one close.

I also like your Butler (although not formally announced) call too, which I included as well.

3:24 PM  

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