Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Go Against the Public

Money has given you some good knowledge the last few days, so hopefully you are following. Susan B. Anthony is ready to start re-minting her dollars, so stay abreast. There is a pretty light board today, but there is money to be made. We have to wait 2 weeks to bet on the coin-toss in Miami. Take tails! There will also be some great cross-over bets with the over vs how many points Kobe scores, or some crap like that. Take the football game points over the nba player to be named later.

But, let's get to college hoops.

Northern Iowa +7.5 at Southern Illinois. Too big a game for there to be a blow-out, this will be a nail biter, take the points.

Air Force in the blow out special. -17 points is a lot, but they will win by 25 or more as TCU just wants to get this game over with. (It has already moved to 18 on some websites, get on it.)

Providence -1 at home. Just when everyone thinks Villanova is back to good ball, the home advantage in the Big East will come through.

Trap game, Auburn +2.5 against Alabama. How is it possible that Alabama is not favored? This is an unpredictable game, and Vegas knows more than most of us. I know you are tempted to play Alabama, but if you have to play this game out of some sickness, play Auburn. I recommend staying away.

PS, if you are junky like me, watch this one in the NBA, Phoenix vs Washington, over 232.5 is the highest you will see all year, take the over !!! 1984 is back in the NBA 145-138

Money, the gauntlet is out there, let's see how we do.

Good Luck! Susan B.


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