Friday, December 08, 2006

“Jefe, would you say I have a plethora of piñatas?”

Yes, you have a plethora of knowledge Money.

Thank you Jefe. There are so many stories going on in the world of Sports now and Money is willing to share all of this with you. Let’s first discuss Baseball and the winter meetings that just ended.


Winners: Any team that did not spend money on this over-priced free agent crop of losers. These guys that got signed are going to kill their teams down the road. 46 million for 60 SB Juan Pierre? 70 million for “Glass Joe” JD Drew? 40 million Ted Lilly, a fourth or fifth starter? Horrible.

I do think the Dodgers have done a lot to improve their team. Aside from the Pierre signing, coupled with the rumor that they are now interested in Vernon Wells (who plays the same position), they picked up some solid players to go along with their tremendous young talent, Braxton, Kemp, Either, and Billingsly. The Schmidt signing was icing on the cake. He is a great pitcher when healthy. He knows the NL West, will pitch in a hitter’s ball park and will be a guaranteed winner every time he faces the Giants. Why the Giants held on to him last year is beyond me. They could have picked up a young stud like Lasting Milledge, as well as control the destination, at least for the moment, of Schmidt and keep him off of the hated Dodgers team.

Losers: Steve Phillips of ESPN. Did you see this clown chasing Barry Bonds in Orlando with a microphone? Barry just smiled (a first for him) and ignored his moronic questions. During the “interview” Bonds stopped to say hi to a local cigarette vendor. All the while, Steve Phillips, former GM of the Mets, was chasing him around huffing and puffing.

College basketball:

We are about a month into the season so it is time to start focusing our energy on this fabulous sport. Hopefully you read my preseason picks and so you already know that I like Arizona to win it all, Texas A&M is my dark horse and I am not impressed with Pittsburgh. None of those opinions have changed. But there are some things I would like to add.

Better than you think:

Texas A&M: I love this team. I just want you all to know this.
Air Force: This came out of nowhere. Start paying attention now.
Oregon: Make or break year for Ernie Kent. He has always had the talent; they are now just playing up to their potential
Georgia: Watch out for this silent SEC killer.
Wichita state: Snuck up on people last year, still good this year.
Butler: This might seem obvious to some, but I just want to highlight how well they have started. They won the NIT and knocked off some high profile teams.
Xavier: Under the radar.

Primed for a fall

Washington: Completely overrated. Watch them fall hard on Saturday to Gonzaga
Georgetown: I admit that I like this team a lot, but they have a lot of work to do before they reach my high expectations. They need more than Hibbert and Green.
Wake Forest: I know I always assume this team is great. Bad assumption this year.
No Iowa: This has always been a good team with no press. Now they have too much press and are no longer good.
Louisville: Good team, just not what we expected
Kentucky: Same.

College Football:

So Michigan is playing in the Rose Bowl, not the National title game. Is this the right thing? Yes. They had their chance to beat Ohio State and they failed. Other than that, they did not play anyone. They beat a very average team in Notre Dame and a good Wisconsin team at home and loss to Ohio State. That’s it, and that’s not enough. Florida, on the other hand, only lost to Auburn, while beating Tennessee, Alabama, LSU and Arkansas. Impressive. They still suck though and will get killed by Ohio State. I actually think Michigan is the best team in the country. Thanks a lot USC for screwing this BCS thing up.

Most of you will enter college bowl pools. Let me give you this advice. Start off taking every underdog. Convince yourself that there is a compelling reason to take the favorite. If you have more than 10 favorites you will not do well in your pool.

Pro Football

There are some great games this weekend to bet on

BRONCOS +8 @ Chargers
I love this game. I will be betting my cat, Schilling, that this one comes in.

REDSKINS +1.5 vs. Eagles
Jeff Garcia is going to make the Pro Bowl again this year! Tremendous let down game. This one won’t be close.

BUCCANEERS +3.5 vs. Falcons
I applaud you if you have the guts to make this pick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Money--
Nice pick in Gonzaga vs UW game.

Do you do side bets? I'm willing to bet that you miss all 3 of your NFL picks. Statistically, the odds of that happening, I think, are 7-1. But I will take 3-1 you are all wrong. I have not seen any scores yet.

Dollar Bill

10:54 AM  
Blogger Money said...

Dolalr Bill,
I don't take side bets but most people bet against my picks and make a lot of money. You seem to be no different than anyone else.

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As has been earlier noted, I am looking forward to the day that you stop picking NFL and go to your college hoops picks.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous "thumbs" down on denver said...

dear money, after that broncos "lock" this past weekend, does your bookie let you chase your bets with any type of animal or do they have to be domesticated?

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if I am more offended by the constant misses on "money" picks or the fact that he butchered the quote from "Three Amigos." It should read..."would you say I have a plethora of gifts?"

3:56 PM  

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