Friday, October 13, 2006

Lions, Tigers and Bears. Holy crap!

We enter week 6 of the NFL season and we still have 4 teams that have not won a game; Titans, Raiders, Buccaneers and Lions. Is it possible that one of these teams does not win a game all season? No way. All of these teams suck, the Raiders are the worst of this group, but they are still NFL players with some sort of pride. The Titans will get better with Vince Young. Heck, they almost beat the Colts (one of two undefeated teams left) last weekend. The Raiders are just plain awful, and they don’t care either. They are the likeliest of the bunch to go winless, but I think you have to try really hard to not get a win in the NFL. They play Arizona and Houston at home, so the chances are high that they get a win sometime. The Bucs have had a lot of injuries and are still playing hard, but will have to adjust to a rookie cornerback. They will score some points and they play tough defense so they will still win a couple of games, their first being against the Saints November 5th. The Lions have a high powered offense. If Kitna can only make 2 mistakes as opposed to four in one game, they will win some ball games.

Money went to the A’s playoff game vs. the Tigers on Wednesday. It was a close game that had some exciting moments, but I have to say it was the most boring baseball game I have ever been to in my life! The stadium is horrible. Frank Thomas breaks a sweat walking from the dugout to the on deck circle. The fans are mutes, unless the scoreboard says “MAKE SOME NOISE!” Every A’s baseball player is trying to hit a homerun, when all they need to do is get on first base. My advice, lean in and take one on the cheek. The Tigers are really, really good. Money, like the rest of America, completely underestimated this team. Their starting pitching and their bullpen is outstanding. The Tigers know how to hit too. They will sweep the A’s and expose the weak starting Mets pitchers in the World Series and win it all.

The Cal Bears pulled out the whipping stick on Saturday vs. the Oregon Ducks. They dominated the game from the first snap and did not look back. They played a full game, as opposed to just the first half, as they have done in their previous blowouts. Big game this weekend at Pullman against Washington State. The “old” Bears would lose this game. This has classic letdown written all over it. Money hates to say, but the “new” Bears may lose too. They won’t cover the -8.5.

Penny has adjusted well to her new found fame, but is a little intimidated that she is responsible for our registered subscribers and who they place their bets on. She is now consulting with our landscaping guy, Da Book.

College games

FLORIDA -2 @ Auburn
Florida has a better offense and is playing for something; a National title.

OREGON -9 vs. ucla
Oregon is good and pissed. UCLA is drunk and pretty.

PENN STATE +7 vs. Michigan
Michigan will be without their best WR and playmaker Mario Manningham. This is the national title game for Penn state.

NEBRASKA -9 @ Kansas state
The cornhuskers are a very balanced team on offense that seems to be quietly rolling up the victories.


REDSKINS -10.5 vs. Titans
The Titans had their moment last weekend. They won’t repeat it here.

FACLCONS -3 vs. Giants
A rested Falcons team will play a Giants team that has a brutal schedule.

CHIEFS +7 @ Pittsburgh
The Steelers have done nothing to explain a 7 point spread this year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Money morning quarterbacking:

I have never see a handicapper be so wrong. A clean sweep of 0-3 in the NFL, and no college games to make you look good either. A couple pushes, but nothing to be proud of. Ok, so you guessed the sweep, but when a team loses two at home and then goes from Californina to play iin the snow of detroit, is that really a tough pick.

College basketball can't start soon enough.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and I hate to say it, but I went against you and won every game!

8:45 AM  
Blogger Money said...

Mrs. Anonymous,
Thanks for your feedback and I love the phrase "Money morning quarterback". Very clever.

That is where my compliments end though. You made Money on me if you took my college picks. I was 2-1-1. Not bad. It also looks like you made Money betting against me on the NFL. I wish I could tell you I made some bad choices, but this one is on my publisher. At press time, my NFL picks got all screwed up; I actually took the Titans, Steelers and Giants. I am glad you caught the error and were able to prosper like I did. I have fired my publisher.


8:51 AM  

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