Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mocking Money

The NBA draft is tomorrow afternoon. This used to be an all time favorite “TV viewing” pastime for Money. The recent surge of high school players and European league players has saturated my college basketball knowledge and bumped some of Money’s finest out of the lottery. With the high school kids staying back, Money just has to contend with the foreign born players. If nothing else, this draft will present a chance to catch up on the latest trends in men’s formal wear, although I don’t think I would look good in a mustard colored suit. I probably would look nice in a top hat and a matching cane though.

1) Toronto – Andrea Bargnani: So who does Money pick number 1? A Euro? This seems to be the consensus pick. Money’s only European player profiled in the lottery.

2) Chicago – Tyrus Thomas: The biggest upside player in the draft. The NBA is a sucker for players like Thomas. He is incredibly talented, but will never be more than a nightly Sportscenter highlight.

3) Charlotte – Brandon Roy: Michael Jordan is back in the NBA spotlight and gets a chance to make amends for his previous first pick blunder in Kwame Brown. Will he make a mistake again? Not if he picks Money’s ROY; Brandon Roy. He is the most ready and most complete player in the draft. Whichever team gets Roy will be delighted.

4) Portland – Adam Morrison: This would be great for Portland to land Morrison as this would be a huge help for this lowly franchise to get back to the top. Morrison is a passionate, fierce competitor. He can’t play defense, but nobody does in the NBA.

5) Atlanta – LaMarcus Aldridge: If he falls to Altanta, they will take him, even though it is believed they have already “agreed” to take Sheldon Williams here. I don’t like either pick. Aldridge was embarrassed by the “Big Baby” in the NCAA tournament. He will have a tougher time with more polished and physically imposing centers in the NBA.

6) Minnesota – Randy Foye: The Wolves seem to like this guy a lot. I suggest drafting Allen Ray in the second round. They are the same player.

7) Boston – Rajon Rondo: This is where the draft takes an interesting turn. The Celtics will do something stupid here.

8) Houston – J.J. Redick: The Rockets really want Brandon Roy (smart), but he will be gone by this point. They settle on Redick (not so smart). His teammate, Sheldon Williams is also a possibility as well.

9) Golden State – Rudy Gay: The Warriors are a mess and need help at all positions. But, Gay slipping to them would be a step in the right direction.

10) Seattle – Sheldon Williams: The Sonics would be thrilled if Williams is available at this point. Don’t ask me why.

11) Orlando – Ronnie Brewer: His basketball shot is similar to Charles Barkley’s golf shot; it’s ugly. But, he has had a great camp and was graded out as one of the best athletes coming out of the draft. Possible steal here.

12) New Orleans – Patrick O’Bryant: The Hornets need a big man, so they will take one here. O’Bryant or Cedric Simmons seems like the obvious choice.

13) Philadelphia – Marcus Williams: The Sixers have a lot of needs, and point guard is one of them. Williams looks like the best point guard in the draft. Iverson is being shopped, so this pick is likely to be some other team’s property.

14) Utah – Rodney Carney: The Jazz need a shooting guard and should have plenty of options at this pick.

Second round nuggets:
Here are some of Money’s favorite college players who will make great second round picks:

Dee Brown: This kid is a winner. He is quick, clutch and a great free throw shooter.
Steve Novak: There is always a spot on the roster for a shooter like this. Novak is the best shooter in the draft.
Allan Ray: Randy Foye “light”. Tough as nails.
Craig Smith: He may be a bit under-sized, but he is an animal.
Eric Hicks: Same description as Smith, but more intimidating. This guy scares the crap out of me.


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