Friday, March 24, 2006

Four Corners

Connecticut Huskies; 2006 National Champions. Money is ready to anoit these guys the winner after their OT victory over Washington. Simply put, they should have lost. But they did not, so they move on and will it all, in spite of how poorly they are playing. They have too much talent and won’t lose again.

I can’t remember so many close good games in a single tournament before. I don’t have a good memory to begin with, but no other tournament sticks out like this one. Everywhere you look, somebody is making a last second 3 point shot or crying.

I know these guys don’t want to end their collegiate careers, but I could really do without all the crying, especially from our Player of the year candidates. You don’t see me crying about my locks not coming in. I turn the page and move on and so should they. If you want to cry, then sit down with me and watch Roy Hobbs in The Natural hit a homerun that breaks the stadium lighting.

No more teams left in Washington DC, so Money is officially pronouncing George Mason the best team in Washington DC. I should get an award for this.

Money’s Trip to the Bank: The team in ALL CAPS is my pick.

UCLA +3 vs. Memphis
I will admit that Memphis is playing great basketball right now. Yet I am still not convinced they are as talented as they look. They have not been challenged in over 2 months, and their 3 victories in the tournament have come against Oral Rob, Bucknell and Bradley. UCLA plays the kind of defense that can disrupt their style of play. The Bruins will shoot better, control this game, and make us realize how young these Tigers really are. Bruins win outright.

TEXAS -3 vs. Lsu
Texas needs to thank Duke for losing. The Blue devils would have beaten Texas again. How does LSU and Texas stack up against each other? They are very similar, in that they both play great defense and rebound. Where do they differ? Texas can shoot.


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