Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Four Corners

Money has a bit of a dilema here. He does not want to drift from his final four picks of Uconn, Ucla, Texas and Florida, but at the same time he needs to be honest with his clients. Afterall, this is called The Truth.

I still believe my teams can make it to the final four, yet I find myself wanting to bet against everyone one of them this weekend. I suppose I can still do that(bet against them) and still have them move on to the Final Four.

Money’s Trip to the Bank: The team in ALL CAPS is my pick.

LSU +6.5 vs. Duke
I believe that Duke is more scared to play LSU than they are Texas. LSU matches up well with Duke and has the athletes to stick with Redick. Don’t think about the one point victory over Texas A&M. That was a great win over a great Aggies team.

WEST VIRGINIA +5.5 vs. Texas
They played earlier this year in November. Texas won 76-75. Neither team was at it’s best then. Both teams are doing well, with a slight edge going to West Va. Expect another nailbiter.

UCLA -3.5 vs. Gonzaga
I must admit, this spread puzzles me. I think it is about 2 points too many. I really don’t give Gonzaga much of a chance to win, but am a little worried about this line being as high as it is. Gonzaga will struggle to score every time they come down the floor. UCLA will slow the pace and play extremely efficient on offense. The Bruins won’t lose and should be able to cover the 3.5 in a low scoring game.

BRADLEY +6.5 vs. Memphis
Bradley is for real. They beat argueably two of the hottest teams in the country. They are not young either. They are an experiend team that will be well prepared. Speaking of age, Memphis may show it in this game. Rodney Carney is the only significant contributor who is a senior. Memphis really has not been challenged in over 2 months.

GEORGE MASON -1.5 vs. Wichita State
These teams know each other well. In fact they played each other about a month ago. George Mason hit a last second shot at Wichita State to win the game. This is a home game for George Mason. They have the advantage.

WASHINGTON +6.5 vs. Uconn
If you have followed The Truth, you knew this pick was coming. Brandon Roy is a special player. He is the kind of player that can beat Uconn. He will need help and a near perfect game from his teammates, but the timing is right. Uconn seems distracted and Washington is playing at a high level. The “Huskies” go down.

FLORIDA -3 vs. Georgetown
Georgetown will prove to be quite a challenge, but there is no team hotter than Florida right now. Back the Gators.

VILLANOVA -2.5 vs. Boston College
BC has lasted about 2 games longer than I thought they would. And to their credit they have been playing well. But nothing will prepare them for the ass-whooping they will receive from the Wildcats. BC simply will not be able to stop these guys.


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