Monday, March 06, 2006

Four Corners

Every Monday-Thursday (and occasional weekend games) renowned college basketball expert, Money, will be handicapping the games for you. Picks and thoughts will be posted prior to tip-off, typically by 3:30 pm pst.

This is going to be a good week. It is not often that you can lay down a bet at 8:30am on a team that you actually know something about, like Cincinnati, and then do another bet 2 hours later on Michigan state. It is also nice to try and catch a couple of championship games so that when you take the same team in the opening round at +25, you can sound intelligent.

“Number 4 on the green team can hit the three if left open. I will take them.”

I think the most important thing this week will be who get the number 1 seeds. It could be any number of teams at this point. Uconn, Duke, Villanova, Memphis, Ohio State, Gonzaga, Illinois, Texas and even North Carolina could all end up number 1 seeds if they win their conference tournaments. I do think the seeding is important this year, as the number 1 seeds will likely get to the sweet 16 with ease. The 7 and 10 seeds who will play the 2 seeds could make life difficult in the second round for some teams. Here are some teams that are currently listed as a (7) or (10) on Bracketology; Wichita State (7), Michigan State (7), Arizona (10) and Arkansas (10). I think it is likely that a 2 seed gets clipped before the sweet sixteen.

Money's trip to the Bank: (Money's Cash cow to date - 52 wins, 39 losses, 3 pushes). The team in ALL CAPS is my pick.

HOFSTRA +3.5 vs. NC Wilmington
Two evenly matched teams. I will take the one that is giving me points.

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